Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors Battle Pass: First Look, Legendary Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

Respawn Entertainment has officially revealed the new Apex Legends season 13 battle pass called “Savior.”

Respawn has revealed a new battle pass for diehard Apex Legends fans to grind throughout the season, as they do with each new season. Battle passes are a set of levels that players must complete within a certain amount of time in order to receive exclusive seasonal rewards such as legendary skins, sky diving emotes, trackers, banners, and more.

Furthermore, battle passes frequently include legendary reactive skins that change colors based on kills. The community seeks these types of reactive weapon skins because they are the cream of the crop when it comes to any cosmetic items in the game.

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Battle passes have a lot of value for players who don’t want to spend a lot of money on cosmetic items in the game. Obtaining a battle pass is sufficient for those players, as the battle pass in Apex Legends can be renewed if all levels in the previous battle pass are completed.

Previously, battle pass skins were only available during reminders of that season, but Respawn has decided to change that with season 11. As a result, the exclusive battle pass-specific rewards may return in the future as part of an event.

Season 13 Savior Battle Pass

Premium Rewards


Credit: EA


Credit: EA

Mad Maggie

Credit: EA


Credit: EA


Credit: EA

New Reactive Weapon Skin

Skydive Emotes

Free Rewards

Crypto Character Skin, 7 Apex Packs, 12 Weapon Skins, 3 Load Screens, Trackers for all Legends, 2 Music Packs, 300 Apex Coins, and a Season Badge.

Season 13 Savior Battle Pass Price:

Expect to pay around 950 Apex coins to unlock the season 13 Savior battle pass, which equals approximately $10 based on previous battle passes.

Season 13 Savior Battle Pass Release Date:

The Season 13 Battle Pass is releasing on May 10, 2022, alongside the new season.

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