Is Bloodhound Still Over Powered in Apex Legends Season 12?

Bloodhound’s scan can detect enemies at a very long distance, and it is still considered overpowered by many Apex Legends players around the world.

The developers of the popular Titanfall franchise made a surprise entry into the battle royale genre with the release of Apex Legends. The game brought a lot of new features for players to enjoy. With the introduction of Legends, Respawn introduced the hero-shooter aspect into the battle royale genre for the first time ever.

Initially, Respawn had released eight distinct Legends into Apex Legends. Every Legend had its own distinguishing characteristics and abilities. Among all the Legends, Bloodhound was one of the first ones to enter the initial roster.

Even after being the only recon character in the game (Pathfinder was classified as a support legend), Bloodhound wasn’t very popular at that time until receiving a major buff in Season 6 of Apex Legends. The buff made players realize how good Bloodhound was when utilized adequately.

Bloodhound instantly shifted the meta and became a force to be reckoned with. Since that, they have received some substantial nerfs to balance the integrity of the competitive environment. After the nerf, many players, including the pros, switched to other legends.

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Bloodhound’s Scan is Still OP in Season 12

Even though Bloodhound has been through some significant nerfs, the scan still remained powerful. Bloodhound’s scan can still highlight all enemies, traps, clues, and Loot ticks up to 75 meters in a 125° cone.

In this Reddit clip, you can see that the player is on a high ground shooting a Bloodhound behind a rock at a far distance below. By the look of it, the distance seems to be more than 75 meters, but the user playing with Mad Maggie still got detected by the scan.

According to a Reddit user called NivannaKingsman, Bloodhound’s scan goes far beyond the 75-meter mark. The enemies on the receiving end can get scanned by the sonar even if they are not in 75 meters range. The Bloodhound, however, does not detect the enemies who get scanned after the 75 meters range.

Nonetheless, this still gives slight disadvantages to the enemy because they have no way of knowing if the Bloodhound actually has the information or not. It is still an unknown factor for many players, including the non-Bloodhound mains, and devs should definitely look into this matter.

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