When is Apex Legends Season 13 coming out? Everything We Know so Far

Apex Legends season 13 is right around the corner as Season 12 Defiance is wrapping up soon. Massive changes are underway, and there are also leaks and rumors about what is to be expected. Here’s everything we know about season 13 so far.

Season 12 of Apex Legends is ending, with just one month until season 13 begins. Season 13 will feature a brand new battle pass, as well as map upgrades, new legend, weapon updates, and more. Respawn has already started working on the updates, and it will officially be revealed in the next season.

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Everything we know so far about season 13

Here we’ll talk about what we know about the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

A brand new Battle pass

With the new season, Respawn will release a new battle pass for players where they can get some cool cosmetic items for legends and weapons along with unique charms, banners, trackers, and so on. The battle pass will be named Saviors as Newcastle is coming to save the day.

New Legend

Newcastle will be the upcoming legend to enter the Apex game. The teaser released by Respawn also confirms that he will be the upcoming legend. He will be a defensive legend and will be the latest after Rampart. Newcastle is most likely going to be Bangalore’s brother, as the Korean version of Apex Legends’ voice line confirms that he is, in fact, Jackson.

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Map Changes

The newly released Storm Point will undergo a significant change west side of the map side and some minor changes throughout the map in season 13. Respawn’s new teaser suggested that there has been a powerful seismic event near the Storm Point’s sea, which caused the humongous sea creature to wash up on the shore and caused a major change in Storm Point. And there will be IMC armories throughout the maps, just like the vaults in kings canyon but better.

Image Credit: Apex Overloaded (YouTube)

New Weapon

Nemesis AR

Season 13 might bring a new Assault Rifle into the game named Nemesis. It is a 4 round burst fire Energy weapon very similar to Hemlok. However, it becomes a fully automatic Assault Rifle after hitting enemies a few times.

Image Credit: ThordanSmash

Return of Spitfire

The Spitfire will likely come out of the care package and become a ground weapon in season 13. Data miners have also found legendary Spitfire skins in the battle pass that will likely be the reactive skin in the upcoming season.

Game Changes

Like any other season, this season will also include some gameplay changes along with some tweaks to the legends and weapons. There is also a chance that Control will make it into normal game modes.

Ranked Mode

According to Sr. Producer of Respawn Entertainment, Josh Medina, some changes to the Ranked system will be in season 13 of Apex Legends.

Rampart buff

A Rampart buff was supposed to be released in season 12. Unfortunately, that didn’t actually make it in time. So, it is likely to be coming into season 13, according to the popular Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal.

Apex Legends Release date

Season 12 of Apex Legends is ongoing, and less than one month is left before the season ends. The season has introduced us to a new legend, a brand new battle pass, Crypto Heirloom, some great skins, and so on.

A typical Apex Legends season lasts for about three months, and the new season starts the same day it ends. At the moment, season 12 of Apex Legends is scheduled to end on May 10. So we can expect season 13 to begin later on the same day with the new update.

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