Apex Legends Players Want Respawn to Add a Leaving Penalty in Normal Game Modes

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Since the launch of Apex Legends, there have been some serious controversies regarding whether developers should implement a leaving penalty in the normal game mode.

Apex Legends started its journey back in 2019 with a surprise launch by Respawn. Despite the unannounced release of this fast-paced battle royale game, players from all over the world eagerly accepted the game. Consequently, within a few months of release, the player count of Apex Legends skyrocketed.

Unlike traditional battle royale games such as H1Z1, PUBG, and Ring of Elysium, Apex Legends brought some new features into the genre of battle royale games. The fast-paced gameplay, Legend system, and other features attracted more players to the game.

Players loved the game because of the short queue time and match duration. A typical full-length BR match in Apex Legends takes about 25 minutes, whereas BR matches last around 30–40 minutes in other traditional games.

On top of that, Respawn added a new feature to the battle royale genre with the introduction of the respawn beacon. No matter how many times a player dies, they can be brought back to the game with the help of respawn beacons that are placed all over the map, but it does not stop the players from abandoning the match early on.

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Apex Legend Players want Respawn to Add Leaving Penalty

The Ranked mode, Arenas, and Control mode have abandoning penalties, meaning players get punished for leaving the match early on. However, there is no penalty for leaving the match in casual or normal BR mode. As a result, many players abandon the match within minutes after dropping.

This becomes frustrating for many players as they need to continue playing the game without their teammates, and we all know how hard it is to win a game alone in a team-based game like Apex Legends. So, players have been asking the developers to add a leaving penalty for a long time so that the players don’t abandon their teammates during a match.

Respawn added a no-fill option for the solo players back in the Chaos Theory update in March 2021 with the hope of countering this leaving issue. However, it did not actually serve the main purpose for which it was intended. Nevertheless, most solo players opted out of the no-fill option and continued to drop, die, and repeat.

Why Doesn’t Respawn Add Leaving Penalty?

Apex Legends consists of a vast casual player base that only plays the game for fun. Some players do not always want to wait for their teammates to grab their banners and respawn them just to get third-partied where they can just get into a fresh new match.

The server or technical failures are also two of the reasons why some players get disconnected from matches. Therefore, it will be unfair to the players who just want to enjoy some casual matches. But there is no denying that some players leave the match early, where they can actually continue the match without any issues.

Apex Legends has come a long way, and there hasn’t been any update regarding whether Respawn will ever add any leaving penalty to the normal game mode. So, it is too soon to say if we will be able to see anything regarding this feature.

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