Apex Legends Players Want Respawn to Add this Feature from CoD Warzone

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Fans of the popular battle royale first-person shooter game Apex Legends want the developers to implement features directly from Call of Duty Warzone.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2022. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Apex Legends was Respawn Entertainment’s first foray into the free-to-play battle royale genre of games. Despite any prior marketing, Apex Legends became a household name in the genre with the help of influencer marketing on streaming platforms like Twitch.

Upon the release of Apex Legends, it was quite apparent that the dev team at Respawn took notes from other games in the same genre to avoid making the same mistakes. On top of that, they introduced new elements, such as respawn, to give players a second chance.

Players only had to collect the banner from dead teammates within 90 seconds after their demise to bring them back using a respawn beacon. This feature was so well received by the Apex Legends community that other major players in the same genre started to implement these specific gameplay mechanics into their games.

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Apex Legends Players want to Buy Back Dead Teammates

After Apex Legends, every major battle royale game received a respawn feature. It is fairly common for video game developers to take ideas from one another to create something unique. And now some Apex Legends fans think Respawn should add the ability to buy back dead teammate’s banners from replicators, which are basically crafting stations.

In the game’s current state, if you can’t collect your squadmates’ banner within 90 seconds, there is no other way to bring back your teammates into the game. However, Warzone, another battle royale game based on the Call of Duty franchise, solved this problem by giving players the option to buy back their fallen comrades using in-game credits.

So, players are asking Respawn to introduce the ability to buy back fallen teammates’ banners using crafting materials. Respawn has already made major advances towards bringing back allies from the dead with the introduction of the mobile respawn beacon. Adding the ability to buy back dead teammates would add another layer of convenience to the current gameplay loop of Apex Legends.

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Update: In the Season 17 update, Respawn finally added the feature to craft allies’ banners through Replicators. However, only the teams with at least one Support Legend are allowed to craft the banners. To learn more, read the Season 17 patch notes here.

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