This ingenious idea for April Fools in Apex Legends is too good to pass up

Since April Fools day is just right around the corner, fans of Apex Legends have come up with unique prank ideas that are just too good to pass up.

Apex Legends is a battle royale first-person shooter game based on the Titanfall franchise. Despite facing strong competition from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, Respawn managed to garner a massive dedicated fanbase for Apex Legends.

To help with player retention, Respawn introduces new additions such as maps, limited-time games modes, skins, & more. During the holiday season and special occasions, Respawn is also known to throw limited-time game modes to commemorate the holiday spirit.

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The same is also true for April Fools’ day, as Respawn surprises the playerbase with quirky game modes. For example, Respawn buffed Mozambique last year by giving it a maximum magazine capacity of 9, meaning this meme gun went from E-tier to S-tier real quick.

April Fools idea for 2022

Suffices to say, this auto pocket shotgun caused havoc last year on April Fool’s day. For 2022, a crafty Apex Legends fan came up with a new idea to spice things up for this year’s April Fools’ day by enabling players to attach any optics on any weapon of their liking. So, for example, players would be able to attach a six to eight times optic on a Wingman. Why not!

Many in the Apex Legends community still reminisce the day when they could attach almost any optics on SMGs as there were very few restrictions back in the day. This tweak to the weapons for only one day would really spice up the current meta as players will literally run around the map with creative weapon attachments.

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Respawn devs also enjoy the process of surprising the player base with unique never before seen ideas on April Fools’ day. So we’re pretty sure they have something in the works.

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