Apex Legends #1 kill leader “FeuFPS” gets called out over allegedly cheating

South American Esports player “FeuFPS” has been accused of cheating in the professional Apex Legends scene.

Alefe Dos Santos, more commonly known by his online moniker “Feu” is a well-known figure within the South American Esports scene. He’s currently the number one kill leader worldwide in the Apex Legends global leader board.

While many within the Apex Legends community has suspected him of foul play for a long time now, no one could definitely prove his involvement in any actual cheating scandal. However, all that has changed since recent clips of this Brazilian player have surfaced on the internet, showcasing blatant wall hacking while he is on stream.

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After the video gained momentum on different social media platforms, many notable personalities within the professional Apex Legends scene has called out “FeuFPS” for allegedly cheating.

Unfortunately, cheating in free-to-play first-person shooter games is nothing new. However, it is still rare to see top-tier professional players accused of blatant cheating and still competing at the highest level.

Pros call out “FeuFPS” for cheating

As of writing, EA has not come out to make any official statement regarding all the accusations that were made against him. Also, “FeuFPS” has not made any recent comments regarding all the accusations as well.

Most of his social media accounts have been made private following all the outrage in the social media.

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The story is still developing. We’ll update this article with more updated news as soon as “FeuFPS” or EA releases any official announcement surrounding the controversy.

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