Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event: Ring Fury LTM, Caustic Town Takeover, No-Fill Matchmaking, Release Dates, and more

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection event is right around the corner and here you can find everything you need to know about the Ring Fury LTM, Caustic Town Takeover, No-Fill Matchmaking Release Dates, and more.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event will start in a few days and EA recently published a blog post to announce some of the things coming to Apex Legends during the event. Below are all the key features of the events discussed and explained.

Apex Legends recently also released a trailer for the event and it can be seen below-

Chaos Theory Duration:

The Chaos Theory Collection Event will start on March 9th, 2021 and run until March 23rd, 2021.

Nintendo Switch Launch:

Apex Legends is releasing on Nintendo Switch on Tuesday, March 9th with full cross-play support. Apex Legends Season 8 was released a few weeks back so Switch players will get 30 free tiers to help catch up with other platforms. Also the first two weeks after Apex releases on Switch, playing on Switch will earn players double XP.

Players will also get a Legendary Pathfinder skin (called P.A.T.H.) if they play Apex on the Switch between Apex’s release on Switch and the end of Season 8 – Mayhem (May 4th, 2021). The skin can be seen in the image below-

Apex Legends P.A.T.H Pathfinder skin
Apex Legends P.A.T.H Pathfinder skin Credit: Respawn

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Caustic Town Takeover:

The Water Treatment POI has been replaced with the new Caustic Treatment which allows players to get access to some lucrative loot if they decide to participate in Caustic’s experiments.

“Caustic has set out an experiment that requires “test subjects” to drain the toxic liquid from the center of the facility. Doing this temporarily grants access to four gold loot items locked in cages. Players must be quick though, as greed can be deadly.”

Apex Legends Caustic Treatment POI
Apex Legends Caustic Treatment POI Credit: Respawn

The Mirage Voyage has been removed but might appear randomly in some matches according to the blog post.

Ring Fury LTM:

A new LTM called Ring Fury will also be available during the event. This LTM has all the previous battle royale rules except sometimes random expanding pockets of rings will appear inside the current ring. These rings will do the same damage as the big ring.

“Those who get caught in a Ring Flare will take damage equal to the damage dealt by the current round’s Ring. You’ll be given a short warning on the map and minimap before the Ring Flare appears. Legends will call out if they are in direct danger or if there’s one opening up nearby.”

Apex Legends Ring Fury LTM Credit: Respawn

Heatshields are a new item in Apex Legends that doesn’t take up any inventory slot. Instead, it will be stored in a new Survival Slot. All players will start the LTM with a heat shield and find more throughout the match.

The heat shield negates the damage from the ring and the use of healing items is sped up by 50% and the speed of Revives is increased by 25% inside it. The heat shield will slowly degrade as it takes damage from the actual ring and will remain in the game as ground loot after the event ends.

Apex Legends Survival slot

No-Fill Matchmaking:

The no-fill matchmaking allows players to play as a solo against other teams. In the lobby, you will see a check box “Fill Matchmaking”. If this checkmark is ticked that means the game will try to find teammates for you but if it’s unchecked you will get into a game solo.

Apex Legends no-fill matchmaking

Some of the things no-fill matchmaking might be useful for-

  • Focus on completing certain Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Warm-up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Challenge yourself—can you win a round of Duos alone? How about Trios?
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters you haven’t tried before; Take an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game at your own pace.

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Chaos Theory Collection Event and Rewards Track:

You can easily track your progress in the event with the event rewards tracker. This time players will be able to earn some free rewards including the legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins among other things. Players can earn 1,000 points per day by completing event challenges that refresh daily and unlock the free rewards. There are also stretch challenges that reward four unique badges if completed during the event.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Rewards Tracker

And as will all collection events the Chaos Theory Collection Event also introduces 24 themed event-limited cosmetics. Some of the skins can be seen in the video below-

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event skins

The event-specific Apex Packs have increased drop rate for event items. Collecting all 24 event cosmetics will rewards players with Bangalore’s Heirloom.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory drop chance

Bangalore’s Heirloom is a pilot knife that she took from a dead opponent. Below are all the animations for the heirloom-

Bangalore’s Heirloom

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Kings Canyon Loot –
    • The wooden shacks across the map should have a few more pieces each, and generally, be a little higher quality. 
    • Spotted Lake has been reduced to Medium Quality from High.
    • Crash Site has redistributed the loot in the area slightly. The amount stays the same, but the higher quality loot should be in the ship.
    • Caustic Treatment has more loot than Water Treatment, and it remains High Quality.
  • Locked Weapon Optic Swapping – Fully locked golden weapons previously had all their attachments locked but now their optic can be swapped. This optic swapping will not work for the Kraber Sniper rifle though.
  • Assists were previously available in ranked game modes only and now have been added to unranked. They do not contribute towards XP still.
  • Assists and knocks will now show up in your stats after a match concludes.
  • Club names now appear if all players are from the same club.
  • Items will now no longer get stuck to Crafting Replicator if dropped on the replicator.
  • Badge Progress – Badges that have longer progress will now show accurate information. Previously it gave players a vague idea of their progress.
Apex Legends new badge progress
  • Ping My Deathbox – Dead players can now ping their death box after getting respawned to find it more easily.
  • Gold Backpack – “Players being revived by a gold backpack will have a crackle of energy—based on the tier of armor they wear—while the revive is taking place.”

This update will help other teams to prioritize targets when pushing a revive in progress.

  • Players on PC can now go back to the title screen from the lobby to allow switching of data centers without restarting the game.
  • Added numbers to the Advanced Look Controls. This should help people experiment and easily revert back to their favorite settings.
  • When scanning a beacon for Ring 6, you should now be able to see the location where Ring 6 finishes.
  • Inspect Weapon – Since the Survival Slot took its button on controller (we only have so many buttons!), Inspect Weapon has been moved to the emote wheel by default. It can be bound to any key on PC.

These are all the things that are going to come with the Apex Legends Collection Event on March 9.

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