Apex Legends Dev Confirms Lifeline’s Ultimate Revamp Might Arrive Within Season 9

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Lifeline players have been asking Respawn to do something about her ultimate since many think this is currently the weakest ultimate in Apex Legends.

Even though Lifeline was released in a pretty decent state back in 2019, her ultimate was nerfed down quite dramatically to reduce her impact in the game. At that time, Lifeline players were force-fed ultimate accelerants to provide their teammates with valuable loot from her ultimate.

Later, Respawn added a low-profile perk to the characters with a very small hitbox. Since Lifeline had a pretty small hitbox, she was hit hard with another nerf. Even after all that nerf, Lifeline still enjoyed a pretty decent pick rate in matches.

All that changed when Lifeline’s whole kit was revamped. She received the ability to revive two squadmates at the same time and could spam her revive to get the upper hand over her opponents at the cost of her losing fast healing. Consequently, she is in a pretty good state.

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Lifeline’s Ultimate Rework is On the Way

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However, most Lifeline mains still want to see some sort of change to Lifeline’s ultimate ability. And Respawn dev finally gave some assurance. As it turns out, a revamp to her Ultimate is currently under rigorous playtesting at Respawn. And these changes might arrive within season 9 of Apex Legends.

Although the dev also mentioned that a slight nerf to her abilities is also under consideration, In the current meta, Lifeline is very effective due to her ability to spam her drone to revive her teammates for cover. However, the dev mentioned that they haven’t figured out exactly what the nerf will look like.

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Maybe within season 9, players will get a glimpse into all the changes that Respawn is currently playtesting for different legends.

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