Bangalore’s heirloom: everything we know so far

If recent leaks and rumors are to be believed then Bangalore should be the next one in line after Gibraltar to get her own heirloom in Apex legends.

All the characters from the original roster of legends that were launched with the release of Apex have already got their own heirloom except Bangalore. So, it makes so much sense if she gets her own heirloom in an upcoming collection event.

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Data miners have already leaked almost everything about her heirloom already. While in the past, data miners revealed the initial concept art for the heirloom, the recent leaks have also revealed all the animations that players are going to see with this new heirloom.

Bangalore’s heirloom

From the recent leaks, it seems like Bangalore might get a dagger as her heirloom. And it goes really well with Bangalore based on her origin as a soldier. Heirlooms in Apex Legends are usually picked in a manner that further reflects the character’s origin.

According to the data miners, the previous iteration of Bangalore’s heirloom was actually a tonfa. Due to recent incidents that happened in some parts of the world regarding police brutality, Respawn might have changed the original heirloom from a tonfa which is usually used by police to something more common like a knife.

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Since the current anniversary collection event didn’t introduce any new heirloom, Bangalore is definitely next in line to receive one from Respawn. However, take them with a grain of salt as Respawn can still make changes at the last minute.

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