Apex Legends season 6 leak reveals Caustic and Bangalore are getting their heirlooms next

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Respawn

Respawn just launched season 6 of Apex Legends and it came with some new additions like Crafting, holo sprays, etc.

As with the launch of every other season data miners started to dig through the game files in order to see what Respawn is currently working on. Subsequently, data miners stumbled upon game files that strongly suggest that Caustic and Bangalore are the next two legends that will receive their heirlooms very soon.

Caustic’s Heirloom:

Shrugtal who is one of the most reliable data miners in the Apex Legends scene just revealed that Caustic might get his own heirloom very soon. According to the new leaks, Caustic might get his heirloom with an upcoming collection event called “Aftermarket“.

Furthermore, if these leaks are correct then Caustic is going to get a “sledgehammer” as his heirloom. It seems to fit really well with his overall villainous theme. Get ready to get sledgehammered by a random Caustic main.

Bangalore’s Heirloom:

Bangalore is also set to get her heirloom along with Caustic very soon, according to the leaks. However, the exact order on which these heirlooms will arrive is still not clear as data miners are still not sure. Rumor is that Bangalore might get her heirloom before Caustic in a future collection event.

The leak suggests that Bangalore might get a “Tonfa” as her heirloom. Based on her backstory as a soldier, this heirloom goes really well with her personality. Since Bangalore once served as a weapons specialist in the IMC Armed Forces, it makes a lot of sense that Bangalore’s heirloom is a freakin police baton.

Since all of these are leaks and not an official confirmation from Respawn, take all of them with a grain of salt. Respawn usually likes to work way ahead of time. Therefore, in the future, they might change certain parts of these heirlooms. And the actual release order is still not clear as of now.

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