Apex Legends season 6 patch notes: Revenant and Gibraltar receives some minor nerfs

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image credit: Respawn

With season 6 of Apex Legends, Respawn finally decided to give recon characters like Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder some much-needed love. Whereas Revenant and Gibraltar received some minor nerfs.

In season 5, the Revenant ultimate push was kind of infamous in the high-level tournaments as teams like TSM really took advantage of the whole Revenant, Crypto, and Wraith meta where they would use three ultimates at the same time for a devastating push on their opponents.

Revenant nerfs:

Since it was a little bit frustrating for players as there was nothing the opposition can do against two simultaneous three-man push, Respawn finally gave Revenant some minor nerfs to make the Ultimate push more balanced.

Death Totem:

  • For 2s after being recalled by the Death Totem, players cannot use Wraith’s Dimensional Rift.

Gibraltar nerfs:

Gibraltar’s ultimate was still really effective in season 5. Respawn decided to give him a slight nerf to make his effectiveness in the last circle less prominent.

  • Defensive Bombardment:
    • Increased cooldown from 3 minutes to 4.5 minutes

Pathfinder also received a passive nerf as all the recon characters now can use the survey beacon to scan the next ring location. Additionally, Crypto’s teammates will now get slowed by his ultimate while they are in the radius.

These minor changes should make the player experience a bit better than before. Seems like this new season will be all about the recon characters as they received some huge buffs.

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