Apex Legends season 8 upcoming returning recolors, next LTM ‘Ring frenzy’, 3v3 mode update, and more

A recent leak has revealed all the upcoming recolors of legendary skins that are supposed to drop within season 8 of Apex legends.

Among them, some will be returning recolors. Some rare sought after recolors like Pathfinder’s Bot of Gold will also be returning. On top of that, details regarding the next limited-time game mode have also been revealed.

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Also, Respawn has hinted that by the end of this year, players will experience new ways to enjoy this game that will take players beyond the battle royale game mode. And data miners are suggesting this might be the upcoming 3v3 team deathmatch game mode that Respawn is apparently playtesting.

Season 8 returning recolors:

The skins that are suppose to be returning are:

* Pit Crew

* Bot of Gold

* Flashpoint

* Blue Giant

* Forgotten Odyssey

* Northern Lights

* Red Dawn

Among these, players are really excited about the Pathfinder’s ‘Bot of Gold’ and Wraith’s ‘Flashpoint’ skin.

The next LTM ‘Ring frenzy’

Leak suggests the next LTM will be called ‘Ring Frenzy’. In this game mode, there will apparently be an increasing number of ‘mini-rings’ that will spawn around the active play space. And the normal rings will behave as usual. Based on the leaks, it seems like the upcoming LTM will be really chaotic in nature.

3v3 game mode update

During the celebration of Apex Legends’ two years anniversary, Respawn hinted that they have more planned out for Apex Legends for this year. And these new changes will let players enjoy more than just your typical battle royale game mode.

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These leaks now strongly suggest that previously leaked 3v3 style team deathmatch type game mode might be in the works. However, as these are all still leaks, take them with a grain of salt.