Game-breaking glitch removes speed penalty while healing in Apex Legends

A group of dedicated glitch experts figured out a game-breaking glitch in Apex Legends’ season 8 update that can be seriously abused if it is not patched out soon.

Usually, there is a pretty serious speed penalty that comes when a player tries to heal and move to another position at the same time. In the past, players used to bunny hop while using healing items to effectively stay invincible while taking meds or shields.

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Respawn reacted quickly on that one and swiftly removed the ability to heal while bunny hopping. According to Respawn, it was too oppressive to normal players as it was frustrating to go against opponents who can just move at high speed and heal themselves at the same time.

Exploiter calls to Respawn for a fix

The new glitch also does the same thing. Players can be seen moving at top speed while using healing items pretty effortlessly. Additionally, it can be easily replicated if players want, according to the exploiter.

This can be easily exploited in a real match if it is not fixed properly. In this case, exploiters are actively trying to reach Respawn and show them how to replicate this glitch so that they can patch this soon.

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