Apex Legends’ New Teaser and Previous Leaks Have Uncovered Storm Point’s New Map Changes

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Image Via: Apex Overloaded (YouTube)

Season 13 of Apex Legends is coming up, and data miners have already discovered exciting changes to the Storm Point map. Unsurprisingly, Respawn’s recent teaser is already lining up with the leaks.

Respawn, the developer of the Titanfall franchise, set foot in the battle royale genre of video games with a surprise launch of Apex Legends in early 2019. Apex Legends has established quite a reputation for itself in the video game industry since its introduction.

Apex Legends’ popularity stemmed from more than just its fast-paced gameplay. Respawn included many intriguing legends, features, and stories that made the game more appealing to the mass player base. Respawn gave a lot of thought to Apex Legends’ development, and they created a backstory for every legend, weapon, and map.

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When Apex Legends was released, there was only one map called Kings Canyon. Players initially loved the map. The Syndicate mainly rebuilt King’s Canyon to host Apex Legends. Throughout many seasons, Apex Legends have uncovered 3 other maps such as World’s Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. All the maps except for Storm Point have been through massive changes from the original versions that were launched.

Changes in Storm Point in Season 13

In season 11 of Apex Legends, Respawn had released the map named Storm Point. The map was fairly big, and many new features were introduced in the game, such as Gravity Cannon and Wildlife Nests.

There haven’t been any significant changes to Storm Point as of season 12. But, data miners have found some interesting changes that we might see in the upcoming season of Apex Legends. According to the leaks, there will be a major change in the map, and it will be located on the west side of Checkpoint and in between North Pad and The Mill.

New Storm Point Location
Image Via: Apex Overloaded (YouTube)

The new area showed us there is a humongous leviathan-like sea creature that washed up on the shore of Storm Point. There were also other buildings and structures in the area too.

Behemoth Sea Creature
Image Via: Apex Overloaded (YouTube)

But how did a giant creature like this get there? Nobody knew until now.

Respawn has released a small teaser recently with not many details inside it. The caption says that it might be an equipment malfunction, and on the screen, we can see a warning sign with the title “Deep Sea Seismic Event Detected.”

The teaser hints that there will be a substantial seismic event in the Storm Point nearby sea, which will cause this behemoth to wash up on the shore.

However, the map changes are just leaks, and the actual outcome might not be the same when Respawn uncovers the actual map in season 13. Up until now, this is what we’ve got, and keep an eye on Respawn’s official Twitter page to know more about the upcoming teasers and new releases.

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