New Apex Legends Leak Reveals Smart Lootbin Capable of Dropping Loot Based on Current Loadout

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shrugtal/Respawn

A new leak from a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests we might witness the introduction of smart loot bins in the game.

Apex Legends was Respawn Entertainment’s first foray into the highly competitive battle royale genre. Despite strong competitors like PUBG and Fortnite dominating the market with their unique take on the genre, Respawn somehow still managed to carve up a niche for Apex Legends in this hostile environment.

One of the main reasons behind their massive success was undoubtedly their QoL updates that literally changed the battle royale scene. For example, the introduction contextual pinning system and the ability to respawn teammates had a major impact on the whole genre.

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While the loot distribution system is inherently leaps and bounds ahead of its contemporaries, Respawn is still looking for ways to make the process less cumbersome. According to a new leak, they are apparently working on a smart loot bin system.

Smart Loot Bins Coming to Apex Legends?

Instead of dropping randomized loot, these smart loot bins would drop loot based upon what you might need after looking at your current inventory. Getting loot after dropping into a battle royale map has always been the least favorite part of the game for many, and Respawn is actively trying to make that part of the game more accessible.

Even though the idea sounds flawless, there is no telling how it might affect the current loot distribution system. And as with any other leak, take it with a grain of salt since this is still a work in progress and might not even make it past the balancing team at Respawn.

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That being said, it might positively impact the whole gameplay loop of Apex Legends, where players will worry more about what truly matters, like positioning and outgunning their opponents, instead of getting loots.

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