Apex Legends’ Control Mode Could Return in Future, Says a Dev in Season 12

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

The popular limited-time game mode Control could return in the future with more tweaks in Apex Legends.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2022. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Apex Legends, Respawn’s first foray into the battle royale market, shocked critics and players alike with their world-class first-person shooter mechanics paired with fluid movement. Instead of following their past models for monetization, Respawn opted for the freemium model, meaning the core game is free-to-play.

As a result, there is no barrier to entry. As such, Apex Legends quickly garnered a massively dedicated player base. In this live-service model, Respawn usually introduces new seasonal updates to help with player retention.

To keep the player base engaged, Respawn adds new game modes, maps, and battle passes to spice things up for both new and returning players. Among these content updates, the last limited-time game mode called “Control” instantly became a fan-favorite within the Apex community.

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Players Want Control to Remain in Permanent Playlist

As the name suggests, Control is a game mode where players fight for control over key objectives scattered throughout the maps. Pair that with a fast respawn timer and loads of weapon load-outs to choose from, and Control gave Capture the Flag mode from Call of Duty a solid run for its money.

Apex Legends Control Mode
Image via Respawn

Unsurprisingly, the Apex community quickly fell in love with the chaotic nature of the game mode. Unfortunately, it is a limited-time game mode, meaning it would be removed from the playlist after some time.

Will the Control Mode Return?

In order to keep the game mode from disappearing from the playlists altogether, many in the Apex community pleaded with the developers to make it a permanent mode. In response, Josh Medina, a Producer at Respawn Entertainment, stated that Control mode could return in the future.

To bring this game mode again in the future, the dev team needs to make further balancing tweaks for it to be a permanent game mode. Even though the dev didn’t give a clear answer on when we can expect Control to make a return, he still gave a strong indication that it would be returning fairly soon.

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