Melee feels broken right now in Apex Legends after the hidden nerf

After Respawn nerfed melee in Apex Legends, it has been subjected to many discussions regarding whether they should bring the old melee system back in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is the successor of the Titanfall franchise that was developed by Respawn and published by EA in February 2019. Both Titanfall and Apex Legends share the same universe, and plenty of weapons, concepts, and characters came into Apex Legends that were originally parts of the Titanfall universe.

Apex Legends is an FPS battle royale game popular for its precise gunplay. Since the launch, Apex Legends has released different types of weapons in the game, like Havoc Assault Rifle, Volt SMG, Charge Rifle Sniper, primitive style Bow Marksman weapon, and so on.

Respawn has also introduced Heirlooms to the game for specific characters in the game. Heirlooms are ultra-rare Mythic-Tier melee items that can be used as weapons to punch enemies in the game. The melee attack is a vital part of Apex Legends’ combat loop, and it can sometimes decide your fate on whether you will stay in the game or go back to the lobby.

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Melee was a powerful weapon in Apex Legends since the beginning. It could decide your victory even in the highest-level tournament matches like ALGS.

However, many players, including some pros, thought Apex Legends’s melee was too powerful and should be nerfed.

Is melee too bad right now?

Not very long after, Respawn released a patch in the Evolution Collection Event in September 2021, nerfing melee distance. Since then, the melee became pretty much useless. The melee feels too bad right now, and most players believe that Respawn nerfed it to such an extent where melee doesn’t even connect the hitboxes correctly.

In a recent Reddit post about the worst weapon in Apex Legends, people have come to an agreement that melee is arguably the worst weapon in the game right now.


Melee changes in the future

The melee was nerfed back in season 10 of Apex Legends and there have not been any changes or updates regarding the melee from the devs. So, it is still unknown whether Respawn will make any adjustments to the melee.

We’ll be sure to let you know if there is an announcement about the melee changes in the future. Keep an eye on our Apex Legends Twitter for immediate updates and changes.

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