Season 13 Leak Suggests Apex Legends will Introduce a PvE Quest Similar To “The Broken Ghost”

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A prominent data miner called “shrugtal” has found data in the script file that suggests that a new game mode similar to “The Broken Ghost” is coming to Apex Legends as future content.

Note: The leaks later turned out to be false. The spectres Shrugtal was referring to were actually the spectres from Storm Point Armory and not from a quest.

Since Apex Legends’ release, the game has brought a ton of new features and content for the mass player base. In every new season, Respawn releases or reworks maps, Legends, quests, stories, game modes, and other exciting content to keep the players engaged.

Respawn introduced quests in the Season 5 of Apex Legends. Along with the quest, Respawn also released a PvE mode where players could play the quests as solos and complete missions one by one. The PvE quest was wholeheartedly welcomed as it brought something new to the game and was also a great experience for the players.

However, starting from Season 6, Respawn stopped releasing the PvE game mode along with the quest. Instead, Respawn only released the story progress for the quests, which, as a result, made the Apex community quite upset.

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A New PvE Game Mode Similar To “The Broken Ghost”

The last PvE game mode Respawn released along with a quest was back in Season 5, which was a long time ago. As a result, many players have been requesting Respawn for a long time to bring back similar game modes to The Broken Ghosts, but it seemed like Respawn didn’t care until now.

Recently, A reliable data miner in the Apex Legends community named Shrugtal has found some interesting data that implies the possible return of a PvE game mode.

According to Shrugtal, a similar mode was added to the game files coded with “Dropdown”, which looks very similar to the previous Broken Ghost’s codename, “Nightrun.”

He also mentioned that codes for self-destructing specters and a loot table entry were added to the data that clearly suggest the presence of NPCs in the game mode. So, it is very likely that there is going to be a PvE game mode in a future quest.

However, this is all just a leak, and Respawn can make changes to the quests and the content of the game at any given time, and the final outcome is subject to change. So, take this with a grain of salt.

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