Apex Legends’ writer hints at another “broken ghost-type epic” in 2021

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Respawn introduced “the broken ghost” quest in Apex Legends back in season 5 as their first attempt at implementing a real story in a live service battle royale game.

The response from the Apex Legends community has been really positive. Most players in the community felt it was a refreshing change of pace for such a fast-paced battle royale game. On top of that, every new chapter meant a lot of excitement on Twitter as fans of the Titanfall franchise would usually express their opinion regarding the latest chapter.

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Based on all the impressions on Twitter, suffices to say that it was a great first attempt from Respawn towards giving players a meaningful single-player story-driven experience. And seems like the community also responded pretty positively towards this endeavor.

Apex Legends Season 5 will feature 'Broken Ghost' as first Quest - SlashGear
Image via Respawn

The broken ghost-type quest returning?

Tom Casiello who is a writer at Respawn entertainment gave players a glimpse into what to expect from Apex Legends in 2021. One fan tweeted at Tom asking if there will ever be another future quest where every single legend in the story would have to set aside their differences to work together for a common goal.

And Tom quoted that tweet and said “Wouldn’t it be awesome if 2021 brought another Broken Ghost-type epic? A story the ENTIRE ROSTER could be a part of? Where everyone had a spotlight, and ALL had to work together?

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The overall sarcastic remark from Tom clearly suggests something similar to the original broken ghost quest might be coming to Apex Legends in 2021. Since there are so many legends right now in season 7, balancing the spotlight in a story-driven experience can be really difficult according to Tom.

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