Apex Legends dev acknowledges the need for cross-progression

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn recently added cross-play in Apex Legends thus enabling players from different platforms to finally compete with each other in the same lobby.

However, folks at Respawn Entertainment made it really clear that only cross-play is coming and not cross-progression. This means that even though players from different consoles and PC will be able to play together, players still can’t transfer all of their progression to other platforms.

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As result, players are still stuck to their original platform on which they initially created their account. Players have been asking Respawn to add cross progression in Apex Legends for a long time now. It is easily one of the most requested features in Apex Legends besides “audio“.

Apex dev on cross-progression

The design director at Respawn Entertainment revealed that even he wants cross-progression in Apex Legends. Also, he truly understands the value of having cross-progression in a live service game. Unfortunately, Respawn still hasn’t announced anything official as of writing. This implies the feature is still under discussion at Respawn.

Having the ability to switch between any platform and effortlessly transfer all of your progressions like skins and badges can be a game-changer for Apex Legends. Most players in the Apex Legends community unanimously agrees cross-progression is a must-have feature.

We hear you, and know that people want it. I want it too“, Jason McCord on cross-progression.

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Since Respawn still has other major problems like footstep audio to deal with, the possibility of cross-progression coming to the game is still up in the air. Despite that many players are hopeful and based upon all the comments made by the dev, even the developers want this feature to be added to the game.

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