A major map exploit in Apex Legends compels a dev for a fix during Thanksgiving

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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A map exploits in Apex Legends urged a dev into taking a serious look amid Thanksgiving.

Video game development can be really hard sometimes as work hours can long and brutal. After all those blood, sweat, and pixels from the developers, players get to enjoy these unique and compelling experiences. Even when you are on your holiday work never really stops for these live service game developers.

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A dev was casually checking the Apex Legends subreddit before basting a turkey on Thanksgiving day and came across a pretty major map geometry bug that can be exploited into oblivion if left unchecked. The bug then compelled the dev to check for any other major potential exploits that can ruin the game for others.

Apex Olympus map exploit

Sigh Note to self: Don’t look at the Apex subreddit before basting a turkey. I’m now compelled to head downstairs and open the map to see how exploit-y this looks…“, Apex Legends senior level designer on the map exploits.

These developers definitely deserve more recognition as they are still working on their holidays to give players meaningful experiences.

Turns out, there are more similar types of bugged geometry in the game that apparently has already been fixed by the developers. Map glitches similar to these can be abused to literally hide during the entire duration of the game. And in competitive lobbies, it can create extra headache as players can literally launch surprise attacks literally out of nowhere.

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Invisible geometries can really be frustrating to deal with sometimes. Even though developers go through some extra length during the testing phase to eliminate this, some weird invisible objects can still appear out of nowhere.

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