Apex Legends dev explains how a buff wouldn’t change the underlying problems with Wattson

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Wattson was introduced back in season 2 of Apex Legends and she immediately became a vital part of the competitive meta.

Even though her overall pick rate in competitive lobbies was almost close to 100% in the vast majority of the online and offline tournaments, her pick rate in the casual mode was rather low as many players still think her kits are not that useful in public matches.

Since pro players make up 0.01 % of the whole Apex Legends community, many players feel Wattson is in dire need of some sort of buff or rework that would make her kits a bit more fun and interesting to play in casual matches where having fun is the main objective.

Wattson buff

In the reply, one of the devs at Respawn Entertainment explained how she is already at the top of every chart when it comes to win-rate and power metrics. Furthermore, most of her kits are more cerebral or calculating in nature which in turn might seem unsatisfying for some players.

You’re confusing two things: pick rate and effectiveness. Yes, she’s lowest pick rate (at high skill Rampart is slightly below her right now but that’s splitting hairs), but her win rate is very good across all skill bands. She is top 4 across most power metrics“, DanielZKlein on Wattson buff idea.

To remedy this some players have suggested Respawn give her some sort of buff. And the dev briefly explained how buffing or reworking her kits will not solve the underlying problems. Additionally, the dev also claimed that pick rate and effectiveness are not the same things.

Not saying that she shouldn’t be buffed in normal play, but let’s please base our assessments on reality. She is still dominant in pro play“, DanielZKlein further added.

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The dev also didn’t completely throw away the possibility of giving her some sort of buff but at the end of the day, that will not solve the underlying problem with the character like the really low pick rate and lack of satisfaction.

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