Apex Legends’ new Legend Newcastle: First Look, Abilities, Release Date, & More

As season 13 of Apex Legends is right around the corner, Respawn has finally decided to reveal the next addition to the current roster of legends. And it turns out, Bangalore’s long-lost brother Jackson is the new legend called Newcastle.

Respawn Entertainment entered the highly competitive battle royale genre of video games with Apex Legends, a spin-off game based on the Titanfall franchise. It garnered a massive dedicated fanbase following its initial launch back in 2019.

Aside from their world-class first-person shooter mechanics, the introduction of hero shooter-like abilities to this format made this battle royale game stand out in the sea of other battle royale games.

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With a new season in Apex Legends, Respawn introduces a new legend to spice up the legend meta. According to Respawn, Newcastle will be the next legend in line to join the Apex games and fight alongside the current roster of characters.

Newcastle First Look:

Earlier leaks were right on the money as the new legend appears to be related to Bangalore. And based on the first reveal cinematic trailer, he will be a defensive character with abilities that resemble Gibraltar.

Respawn describes Newcastle as The Hero of Harris Valley, and he will only need his shield to cover for his squadmates and keep his secrets to himself while surviving the Apex Games.

Newcastle Abilities:

  • Retrieve the Wounded(Passive Ability): Drag downed allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield.
  • Mobile Shield(Tactical Ability): Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.
  • Castle Wall(Ultimate Ability): Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold.

Newcastle Voice Actor:

Respawn has announced the voice actor for Newcastle. His name is Gabe Kunda. He is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo but lives in Dallas, TX.

He seems to be the voice actor behind two more other popular characters in online video gaming history. He is the voice actor of KAY/O in VALORANT as well as JACKAL in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Newcastle Legendary Skins:

Newcastle Banner Frames, Poses, Emotes and More

Newcastle Release Date:

Newcastle will enter the Apex games with season 13 of Apex Legends on May 10, 2022.

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