The New Apex Legends SFTO Was About Lifeline, But Octane Took The Limelight

Respawn released a new Stories From The Outlands video for Lifeline. However, fans were more fixated on Octane instead of focusing on Lifeline.

Stories From The Outlands or SFTO are Respawn-released animated series covering Apex Lores. These series usually contain stories for each Legend and their origin. Because of that, they are also called Apex Lore Trailers.

Respawn usually releases SFTO every Season when there is an upcoming event or Town Takeovers. And in Season 13, Respawn finally released Lifeline’s SFTO that Apex Fans were eagerly waiting for. According to many players, this is one of the best lore videos for Apex Legends so far.

The new Lifeline’s SFTO is titled “Family Business.” The video mainly shows Lifeline’s backstory and her life in the Frontier Corps. At some point, Lifeline faced a situation where she needed to get Octane’s help to infiltrate Silva Pharmaceuticals in order to get medicines.

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With Octane’s help, Lifeline succeeded in getting the required medicines and saved many lives. However, she was compromised, and her parents discovered where she had been hiding for many years. She eventually managed to trick her parents and Silva with Octane’s help, but she later joined the Apex game to avoid joining her parents in the family business.

Octane Took The Limelight in Lifeline’s SFTO

Octane was introduced in Season 2 of Apex legends. Since his release, he immediately became a fan-favorite character for his over-the-top attitude. Octane likes to be flashy, so he gets noticed by everyone.

The same thing happened in Lifeline’s SFTO video. Even though Lifeline was the main protagonist of the lore video, Octane’s flashiness and charisma almost overshadowed her. On top of that, Octane’s face reveal made him a sensation in the Apex Legends community.

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