Changes Are Coming To Apex Legends Ranked System Once Again Following The Unexpected Results in Season 13

In Season 13, Respawn made massive changes to the Ranked System, which tampered with the whole Apex Legends ecosystem. So Respawn has decided that a change is necessary to bring balance.

The Ranked System has been tweaked and modified several times throughout Apex Legends’ lifetime. However, the most significant changes happened with the Season 13 Ranked Rework. Many minor to substantial changes were made to the new Ranked System.

The changed Ranked Mode affected players in different ways. Some players voiced their displeasure with the new system, while others defended it. Whatever the case, the Ranked Rework has changed the original Apex Legends experience in many ways.

The rank grind has never been more challenging for players. After 20 days of the new Ranked system going live, 95% of the total player base was in Gold 2 or below. Even high ELO players were having trouble adjusting to the new system. After 14 days of hard grinding, only 559 players reached Predator rank on all 4 Platforms combined.

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Because of this unusual Rank distribution, the lower-ranked players are getting queued against high ELO players. This is causing many players to stop grinding the new Ranked Split and others to switch to regular BR. As a result, the normal BR also became much sweatier, and many people are now calling it a Ranked 2.0.

Ranked Changes Are Coming to Apex Very Soon

The new Ranked has displeased countless players in the Apex Legends ecosystem. Though there were some hints by Respawn devs roaming around in the community regarding the current Ranked System improvement, there was no evidence whether it would actually happen or not.

However, it seems like Respawn is dedicated to improving the current Ranked System because a recent leak by AG420 has suggested that changes are coming to the Ranked system very soon.

According to the leak, Respawn is decreasing the entry cost by 10 RP for each rank. This will definitely give the players more room to work during a match. It is still unclear if Respawn will make other changes along with this one in the next Ranked Rework. But it is very likely that they will because most players think that only decreasing the match RP by 10 points won’t solve the real issues.

When Will The Ranked Change Become Live?

The leak was found in the current game files in Season 13, Split 1. If Respawn were to make this change in Season 14, it would be implausible to put it in the game files this early on. So, according to the rumors, the change will go live in Season 13, Split 2.

However, this is just a leak, so take it with a grain of salt.

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