Total Number of Masters & Predators Dropped Significantly Following the Season 13 Ranked Rework in Apex Legends

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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After the Season 13 update, players worldwide are having a hard time climbing up the rank ladder in Apex Legends’ revamped ranked system.

The Ranked Mode was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 2 Battlecharge. People accepted and enjoyed the Ranked Mode wholeheartedly, as it brought a new challenge to them and gave them the opportunity to play among similarly skilled players.

The ranked system has undergone many tweaks and modifications throughout the lifespan of Apex Legends. However, the biggest change came along with the Season 13 ranked rework. Many small to significant changes were made to the new ranked system.

The changed ranked mode affected players in different ways. Some players complained about the Season 13 system, and others, including professional Apex Legends players such as TSM FTX Imperialhal and TSM FTX Albralelie, voiced otherwise. Nonetheless, recent data shows that players worldwide are having difficulty climbing up the rank ladder in Season 13.

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Masters Count has dropped Significantly

The biggest change in the new system has arguably occurred in the Season 13 of Apex Legends. Climbing up the rank ladder has now been harder than ever before.

The introduction of the Rookie tier, more strict RP requirement for Master rank, Demotion System, Match Placement, and other factors have contributed to the downfall of the trend. In the previous Season, countless players reached masters and predators in the first week of every new Season.

However, things have turned out differently in Season 13. After 14 days of hard grinding, only 559 players have reached Predator rank in all 4 Platforms combined, including PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch.

That also means that there are no players in the Masters rank in Season 13 ranked distribution as the top 750 players are in Predator rank. It shows how much the reworked rank has affected the distribution of rank. However, many players mentioned that this is precisely what it was supposed to be from the very beginning, as Master and Predator Ranks should not be easily achievable.

Nevertheless, Every split consists of about 45 days, so there are almost 30 days left before Split 1 ends on the Storm Point map. The results at the end of Split 1 will show whether the revamped Rank system has really been effective or not.

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