Respawn Hideouts Raises Voice Against the Harassment he Received on Twitch

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: @Hideouts and EA

Hideouts, a renowned Respawn developer in the Apex Legends community, calls out a player on Twitter for harassing him on Twitch.

Conor Ford, AKA “Hideouts,” is a popular name in the Apex Legends community. He works at Respawn and has constantly been working on Apex Legends’ security system for a long time in order to make the game free of cheaters and hackers.

Hideouts spends a lot of time on Twitch watching Professional or content creators’ streams and actively bans blatant cheaters from the servers. Since the launch of Apex Legends, Hideouts has banned countless hackers and cheaters from the game.

Season 13 of Apex Legends was just released a few days ago with a reworked Storm Point map, a brand new legend called Newcastle, a battle pass, weapon and Legend changes, and more. However, the update has also brought many bugs and glitches to the surface.

Usually, it takes time for developers to figure out the source of these problems and release a fix or patch for them. However, some people often go out of their way to harass the developers on their personal social media accounts.

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The Harassment on Twitter

Since the Season 13 update, there has been a significant concern with the console lobbies getting constant crashes. Respawn has already addressed this issue and said they have been working relentlessly on a fix.

Even though Hideouts and Respawn devs have mentioned that they are working on the issue, a player called “kkoreban” messaged Hideouts with offensive and despicable remarks on Twitch.

The person used profanity against Hideouts throughout the whole text message. Not long after, Hideouts called the player out on Twitter about the Twitch message and described what happened.

He also says that it is not okay for him or anyone to face anything like that, especially over a video game. Hideouts also mentioned Twitch in the comment and asked them to take care of the person who sent him those obscene messages.

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