Apex Legends Mobile Already Has a Better Passive For Pathfinder Than Their PC & Console Counterparts

Apex Legends Mobile has a unique passive ability for Pathfinder, which is very different and useful than its PC and Console versions.

Pathfinder was one of the first Legends to grab a spot in the original 8 Legends roster in Apex Legends. Initially, the class archetype of this friendly robot was labeled as a Support which Respawn changed to a Recon later down the line.

Movement is one of the best features that separate Apex Legends from the rest of the Battle Royale games, and Pathfinder was one such character who was insanely fluid for its movement mechanics. As a result, Pathfinder became very popular among the players within a short span of Apex Legends’ lifetime.

In the beginning, Pathfinder was also the only character to have such a Passive that could reveal the next ring by scanning survey beacons scattered throughout the map. However, Respawn released a patch in Season 6, which allowed all the Recon characters to scan survey beacons.

Because of that, Pathfinder’s Passive wasn’t a unique ability anymore, which made him a viable character in all sorts of skill levels in the first place. To add insult to injury, Respawn didn’t even add a practical Passive that could make Pathfinder a helpful Legend among the players.

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Pathfinder Has a Useful Passive in Apex Legends Mobile

For a long time, players have been asking Respawn to make changes to Pathfinder’s Passive ability. There have been many concepts and theories about Pathfinder’s Reworked Passive ability, but Respawn hasn’t done anything about it.

Respawn addressed this issue on several occasions, and they think that currently, Pathfinder does not need any improvement. Respawn also believes that making a change to Pathfinder’s ability can significantly change his impact on the game.

However, in the recently launched Apex Legends Mobile, Pathfinder already has some unique abilities that work beautifully without giving him an absolute advantage over others or making him too strong.

In Apex Legends Mobile, you can unlock different perks with the legends that allow you to have additional abilities other than your Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. For Pathfinder, there are some unique abilities such as Aerodynamic, Extra Pep, and Friendly Reunion that can also work as Passive ideas for Pathfinder without breaking the game.

The Friend Reunion is the one that could be really useful for the PC and Console port as players will be able to pull their downed squadmates towards them for a safe resurrection in the midst of a battle.

There are some other amazing features in Apex Legends Mobile that Respawn should also look forward to implementing into its PC and Console counterparts, and Pathfinder’s Passive ability can be a small start to the journey. However, it is too early to tell if Respawn will ever adopt anything from the Apex Mobile to the PC and Console Version.

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