NRG Sweet Thinks Apex Legends Needs an Immediate Patch to Remove All Players Below Plat 2 from Master and Pred Lobby in Season 13

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA and NRG Sweet

The Season 13 ranked system created bizarre matchmaking for all skilled players. So, NRG Sweet thinks Apex should release an immediate patch to resolve this issue.

The ranked system has been modified and adjusted multiple times throughout Apex Legends’ lifespan. However, with the Season 13 update, Respawn made the most significant change. The new ranked system has experienced several minor and substantial revisions in Season 13.

Ranked reloaded affected how people approached the game. Many players are having a hard time climbing the rank ladder because of these changes. Recent data also showed that about 95% of players were Gold 2 or below in the third week of the Ranked Reloaded.

However, there are not enough Diamond, Master, and Predator players in the current rank ecosystem compared to them. As a result, the current matchmaking system is all over the place, as high and low-ranked players are getting placed in the same lobby.

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NRG Sweet Thinks Apex Needs an Immediate Patch for Ranked

The Season 13 ranked reloaded messed up the current rank distribution, so players in Platinum level or below are getting queued against Masters and Predators, which should not be typical, provided players cannot create a lobby with players of 1 tier difference.

So, to address the current issue with the rank system, NRG Sweet has recently made a tweet. In the tweet, he criticized the new system and talked about how Gold players are matchmade against the Apex Predators and how hard it is for them to play against the best Apex players, which is not okay.

Later in the reply, he mentioned that Respawn needs to release an immediate patch to remove all players below Plat 2 from Master and Pred lobbies altogether. Not only he, but many other pro players are also criticizing the matchmaking system. So, whether Respawn will make any changes is still unsure.

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