Gold Knockdown Shield To Recieve a Nerf Very Soon in Apex Legends

After listening to the feedback from the community, it seems like Respawn is finally making changes to the Gold Knockdown Shields in Apex Legends.

Having the proper gears may determine whether you win or lose most of the time. As a result, each player instantly looks for these gears after landing on the ground. Each Gear has its own set of perks and benefits. On the other hand, the gold gears are the ones that make the most impact because of their special abilities.

The Level 4 Knockdown Shield, also known as Gold Knockdown Shield, is one of those special gold gears. Gold Knockdown Shield enables players to resurrect themselves without the assistance of teammates, which can determine a squad’s fate in a tough Ranked match.

Gold Knockdowns are supposed to be some of the rarest items to find in the matches. However, since the Armory update in Storm Point, these Level 4 Knockdown Shields have become commonly available, and almost every team has one or more of those in the last circles, which should not be typical.

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Gold Knockdown Shield Nerf

As Gold Knockdowns have become too common in the game, many players, including most pros such as Imperialhal and Albralelie, have voiced their concerns. They also asked Respawn to either remove or nerf them to bring balance into the game, especially the Ranked Matches.

Recently, a Respawn dev named John Larson finally responded to all the feedback on Twitter. He said, “Self-rez feedback heard loud and clear,” suggesting that a nerf or tweak is coming for Gold Knockdowns pretty soon.

However, he did not mention anything regarding the actual changes that Respawn will bring to the Gold Knockdowns in the game. But judging by the Tweet, the nerf might affect the ability to “Self Res” in the game.

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