Imperialhal and Albralelie Think Gold Knockdown Shields should Be Removed From Ranked in Apex Legends

Gold knockdown shields are too commonly available since the latest Storm Point rework, which is causing chaos in the last circles of Ranked matches. So, many pro players, including Imperialhal and Albralelie, have addressed Respawn to remove Gold Knockdown shields from Ranked matches.

Gears are the essential items to look for in Apex Legends’ matches. There are four types of standard gears in the game, including Helmet, Backpack, Armor, and Knockdown Shield. A different kind of Gear called Survival was added much later into the game.

Having the right Gears can, most of the time, decide whether you’ll be victorious or not. So, each player looks for these items right after dropping off the ship. Every Gear has its own benefits and perks. But the ones that make the most difference are the Gold Gears, as they have special abilities tied to them.

One of those special Gold gears is the Level 4 Knockdown Shield, more commonly known as Gold Knockdown Shield. These specific gears allow players to revive themselves without any assistance from teammates, which can decide a squad’s fate in the last circles in a ranked match.

Consequently, many pro players like TSM FTX Imperialhal, TSM FTX Albralelie, and Alliance Hakis have addressed Respawn to remove Gold Knockdown Shields from Ranked matches as it ruins the proper competitive experience.

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Remove Gold Knockdown Shields

Gold Knockdown Shields are considered overpowered, especially in the last circles of tight rank matches where every move and every kill matters. Sometimes players lose the match and don’t get kill points just because they didn’t have Gold Knockdown Shields.

In the clip, you can see that almost everyone in the last circle has a knockdown shield trying to self revive. Even though the player was down, they won the match because of the Gold knockdown shield.

Gold items are supposed to be the rarest items to get in Apex Legends. However, since the addition of Armories, the drop rate of these Golden items has increased by a significant margin. Now that there’s a change in the Ranked Mode, people have been playing the Ranked matches like they would in normal tournament matches.

As a result, more people are alive in the last circles of any Ranked matches. But, with so many Gold Knockdowns in a Ranked game, the endgame becomes very chaotic, and most of the time, the winner gets decided based on luck and RNG factors.

So, many pro players, including TSM FTX Imperialhal and TSM FTX Albralelie, have voiced concerns about removing Gold Knockdown Shields from Ranked matches.

The Gold Knockdowns were removed from the Custom and Tournament lobbies a long time ago. So, there’s a chance that Respawn might take steps to remove or nerf the Gold Knockdown Shields from the game.

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