Imperialhal Thinks Respawn Needs to Make Armory a More Challenging POI in Apex Legends in Season 13

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA & Imperialhal

Imperialhal thinks Respawn needs to make armory a challenge and not like the freest loot in Apex Legends.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn regularly introduced new updates and features to the community. Likewise, with the Season 13 update, Apex Legends introduced Newcastle and a reworked Storm Point map with a new POI and IMC Armories.

In Season 13, four Armories were added to the new Storm Point map. The locations of these armories are as follows: northeast of Checkpoint, southeast of Lightning Rod, between Gale Station / Fish Farms, and north of Cenote Cave.

Players can get some special loot from the smart bins that open up after destroying the Spectres in one minute. On top of that, if players can clear all the waves of Spectres within one minute, they get a Golden Cargo bot that drops a Gold Bag, a Gold Knockdown Shield, and a Gold Helmet.

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Imperialhal Thinks Respawn Needs to Make Armory More Challenging

As mentioned earlier, players can get some insane loot from IMC Armories. So, in a recent stream of TSM FTX Imperialhal, he talked about the Armories and how easy it is to get loot from there.

In the clip, he says that the Armories have the freest loot in the game; hence, it needs to be more challenging. He also stated that the Armories are kind of POI themselves because of how much loot you can get out of them.

Imperialhal also thinks that instead of adding Armories to Storm Point, Respawn should have added them to World’s Edge because Storm Point already has an excellent loot distribution. TSM FTX Reps and TSM FTX Verhaulst were also in the same stream, and they agreed that Armories are really overpowered in Storm Point.

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