ImperialHal Explains the Most Important part While Communication as an IGL in Apex Legends

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Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, one of the best IGLs in Apex Legends, gives his opinion on how to become a better IGL in the game.

ImperialHal, currently playing for TSM FTX, is one of the best players the Apex Legends community has ever seen. Not only is he a great player, but he is also one of the best in-game leaders in Apex. He was also named ‘Best IGL NA’ in ALGS Season 1 by media outlet‘s Apex Legends awards.

Apex Legends is a team game, which is why a team needs an IGL who calls all the shots. No matter how good the players are, if they are not working as a unit, the team is bound to fail. And a good IGL can always prevent it from happening with proper communication.

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How to Avoid Bad Communication as an IGL

Communicating with your team and leading your team to the goal is the most important part of being an IGL. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because when you are in a critical situation in a match, all of your attention is required in your own game.

So, it becomes harder for players to focus on what’s happening in their surroundings and among their teammates. This is what sets apart a good IGL from a regular one. Good IGLs will not only focus on their own games but also on their teammates and surroundings and communicate with them precisely.

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When asked by a viewer, “When being an IGL, how do you make yourself clear to people?” ImperialHal responded that as IGLs, players need to be very specific and concise as much as possible.

He also added that IGLs need to not only call the shots but also mention how to do them specifically and communicate the whole strategy; otherwise, teammates will not be able to realize the actual plan. So, IGLs need to communicate almost everything they do.

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