Imperialhal Explains What Mistake to Avoid As Horizon Mains in Apex Legends

As Horizon is now getting popular again among the players, Pro Apex player Philip “Imperialhal” Dosen gave some valuable advice to the Horizon mains on his stream.

Horizon was added into Apex Legends in the Season 7 Ascension update. She had gravity-based abilities that made her one of the best offensive legends in the game. After the substantial Wraith nerfs in season 5, Horizon became a viable alternative as an offensive legend for every squad.

However, in the May 04, 2021 update, Horizon was given a substantial nerf to her Gravity Lift, which made many Horizon fans pretty upset. After much feedback from the community, she was brought back to a decent state in the Season 10 update. And since then, Horizon has maintained a respectable player base solely dedicated to her.

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Imperialhal Says What Mistake To Avoid as Horizon

The popularity of Horizon keeps on rising as Season 13 goes on. Currently, she has a 6.4% overall pick rate in all game modes combined and a whopping 20.8% pick rate in High ELO matches. As many people, including ImperialHal himself, have been playing Horizon a lot in Season 13, he decided to give some helpful advice to all the Horizon mains out there.

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In a recent stream, when asked by his fans to give them some tips about Horizon, he explicitly explained the worst mistake you can avoid as a Horizon mains.

He said that before, he used Horizon’s Gravity Lift to initiate a fight instead of using it later, which was a huge error, as the opponents could always focus-fire him in the air. So he advised Horizon mains to avoid using Horizon’s Tactical to initiate a fight, rather save it for later use.

However, Imperialhal also mentioned that you could sometimes use Horizon’s Gravity Lift earlier on, depending on the situation, if the enemies are not aware. So, it is actually a great idea to always assess the situation before using her Tactical.

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