Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event: Loba’s Heirloom, New Skins, Gun Run LTM, Release Date, & More

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Credit: EA

EA has finally revealed the upcoming Collection Event in Season 14. The Collection Event will called Beast of Prey.

Apex Legends was published in 2019 as a battle royale spin-off of Respawn’s successful FPS game Titanfall, and it quickly established itself as the greatest battle royale game on the market. Because the game was free to play, it attracted a large number of players in a very short time.

Respawn releases Collection Events focusing on individual characters with each new seasonal update. These collection events introduce new limited-time game modes, legend-specific town takeovers, and exclusive skins.

Legend-specific Heirlooms are also featured in the collection Events. According to the leaks, Loba is the next Legend to receive an Heirloom in the upcoming Collection Event. Much information is yet to reveal as it’s been only a few days since the new Season has launched.

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Beast of Prey Collection Event

Famous data miners in the Apex Legends community previously found some Cosmetic items in the game files, including Legend Skins and Charms incorporating the codename “Hunterpredator.” According to them, “Hunterpredator” will be the Collection Event for Season 14. However, according to EA’s official announcement, the Collection Event is called Beast of Prey.

Beast of Prey Collection Event Skins

The beast of Prey will have reference to the characters from Alien, Predator, and Prometheus. The previous Collection Event failed to impress players with its cosmetic items. However, this Collection Event might be different.

Loba Skin

Credit: EA

Octane, Horizon, Prowler, and Rampage Skins

Credit: EA

Pathfinder, Fuse, Havoc, and Alternator Skins

Credit: EA

Rampart and Devotion Skins

Credit: EA

Peacekeeper Skin

Credit: EA

Lifeline Skin

Credit: EA

Beast of Prey Skins Showcase

Reward Tracker

Credit: EA

You can earn 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. All these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so you can complete multiple challenges at once.

Store Tab

Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including Healing Huntress Bundle, Frozen Carnage Bundle, and don’t miss out on the Cloud Marauder Bundle (only available September 20th – 22nd), and Wave Shift Bundle (Only available September 23rd – 27th).

Credit: EA
Credit: EA

Loba’s Heirloom

Loba is finally receiving her Heirloom with the launch of Season 14: Beast of Prey Collection Event. Loba modified her mother’s Stolen Hand-fan and made it a Japanese war fan. Her Heirloom is called “Garra de alanza” which translates to Lance Claw.

Credit: EA


Credit: EA

Go head-to-head against 3 other squads in a race to master a wide range of weapons. Each time you get a kill with a weapon, you leapfrog over teammates and are given the next highest weapon on the track. Play as a team and get through the track as fast as you can, with some help from infinite ammo, health items and automatic respawns.

Credit: EA

Your next weapon is previewed above your current weapon, as well as the next one after that. The boost value lets you know how many weapons you will skip on the track with your next kill. When scoring, if you’re currently in the lead on your squad, you will simply move to the next weapon on the track without skipping any.

Credit: EA

The final weapon in the track is a new exclusive throwing knife, which will be available in the firing range for practice during the event. Work together as a team and be the first squad to score a kill with the throwing knife to win the match! Gun Run will be available to play starting September 20th to October 4th on Skulltown and Fragment East (World’s Edge) maps.

Hunterpredator Collection Event Release Date

The Hunterpredator Collection Event is set to go live on September 20, 2022.

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