Upcoming Apex Legends Talent Quits After His Offensive Messages Directed Toward Another Pro Goes Public

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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An upcoming talent named Caprah quits Apex Legends after his derogatory messages addressed toward sSikezz were made public.

Jaeden Valle, more commonly known as Caprah, is a 16-year-old who was playing professionally for Esports Arena. Esports Arena just recently won ALGS Year 3 Pro League Split 1 NA with a very dominating performance and was ready to take on London, Split 1 Playoffs.

Everything was going great for the team until, on January 6, 2023, sSikezz, another pro player from XSET, posted a screenshot of a Discord conversation between Caprah and Lewda on Twitter. In the conversation, Caprah sent pretty offensive messages to Lewda that were directed toward ssSikezz.

Following the release of the screenshot, questions from many arose over the timing of the chat from December and the source of the leak, which turned out to be Caprah’s own teammate.

To address this, Caprah’s teammate Lewda responded,“I have no interest in leaking everything that was said. But what I can say is. -this doesn’t have much to do with the screenshot. -actions have consequences -don’t want to ruin a kids life and send him hate -we tried to solve this quietly like 6x -learn to control emotions.”

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Caprah Steps Down from Apex Legends

Caprah announced his permanent departure from the competitive scene and Apex Legends on his Twitter after receiving a significant amount of negative reactions from the community. Moreover, he won’t be attending the upcoming Playoffs, as decided by the whole team. Caprah publicly apologized for his mistakes from the previous year.


Although the community is against Caprah’s previous actions, many pro players like TSM ImperialHal, XSET Nocturnal, and StayNaughty want him to learn from his mistakes and improve as a player.

Some of the pro players’ replies on Caprah’s tweet:

TSM ImperialHal, “As a competitor it hurts for this to be the result after all that work of Pro league and i wish there was a world where you could still play but understand your actions are wrong and improve as a player. I’ve been in your exact shoes before where i was a great player at.”

XSET Nocturnal, “I really want to see you reform and not give up, you’re an incredible player but the attitude and mental need some serious polishing. You’re young and can learn and be better.”

StayNaughty, “we live, learn, change, and move on from things in life. consequence comes with mostly everything. don’t let it tear you apart because the comebacks are what define people. change is good my young padawan.”

Nonetheless, as of now, there hasn’t been any further response from Caprah about whether he’ll be continuing his journey as an Apex Legends player. For now, his decision to step back from Apex Legends still remains.

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