SBMM Rework is Finally Happening in Apex Legends and Respawn Already Teased us With “Promising Results”

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

The long-awaited SBMM rework in Apex Legends is finally happening, and Respawn has already shown us a glimpse of what to expect.

The Skill-Based Matchmaking system, or SBMM, has always been a topic of serious discussion in the Apex Legends community. For a long time, players have been asking Respawn to improve the system so that everyone can enjoy the game without getting frustrated.

However, completely changing the SBMM system was more complex than it looked. So, the developers couldn’t instantly change it to make things better for everyone. Nonetheless, Samy Duc, the technical director of Respawn, acknowledged the issues and confirmed that an inevitable SBMM change was on the way.

It wasn’t the first time Respawn said something to its player base without delivering any results. So, many players thought that the SBMM change might also be just an idea that would collect dust on Respawn’s to-do list. But fortunately, Respawn has something up its sleeves this time.

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SBMM Rework is Finally Happening

Unlike most times, Respawn didn’t disappoint its player base with the ‘SBMM change’ promise. And it looks like, this time, players are actually getting an SBMM rework. And the result Respawn has shared already looks surprisingly promising.

“Over the holidays, we [Respawn] conducted some PlayApex matchmaking tests in one region to create more balanced matches. We are seeing promising results as players are able to make more kills”, Respawn announced its progression with the SBMM along with a graph.

What Does This Graph Mean?

apex legends sbmm change (graph)
Credit: EA

According to the stats shown in the graph, the pink line represents the test region servers where Respawn conducted its tests from December 12, 2022, to January 1, 2023. Whereas regions A and B are regular servers that did not go through the changed SBMM tests.

As shown in the graph, the pink line is a lot higher than the other two lines because, in the test region, the majority % of the players have more than 1 kill, compared to regions A and B, where only about half of the players have more than 1 kill.

But how does getting more than 1 kill for most players mean better SBMM? The answer is somewhat simple. When there is a massive skill disparity of players in a particular server, the players with the highest skill/ rank will generally be getting more kills compared to the lower-skilled/ ranked players. Contrarily, the lower-skilled/ ranked players will just get destroyed by the highest-skilled/ ranked players without having the chance to kill anyone else.

So, ideally, when SBMM is properly implemented, the servers will be more balanced with less skill disparity. Hence, the majority of the players will have relatively similar K/D ratios, and in this case, a 1+ K/D ratio, compared to regular matchmaking servers.

When will Reworked SBMM System Be Live?

The developers are still monitoring it and may make other changes before it becomes ready to go live. As a result, it is still uncertain when the Reworked SBMM system will go live. However, expect an official announcement from Respawn very soon. Hopefully, the developers will communicate with the players about when the new SBMM system will become active.

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