Big Apex Legends Streamers are Spending More Time on Other Games, Raising Questions on the Game’s Future

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Big streamers like iiTzTimmy, Daltoosh, and NICKMERCS are not streaming Apex Legends like before. Is this the downfall of the most popular Battle Royale?

Apex Legends, which entered the battle royale gaming genre as a dark horse in 2019, surprised everyone with its extraordinary gameplay and features.

Everyone was amazed by Respawn’s flawless implementation of the hero shooter idea into a battle royale environment. As a result, millions of players overran the servers within a very short time.

With time, Apex Legends gave birth to some of the most popular streamers, such as Aceu, iiTzTimmy, ImperialHal, Dizzy, and more. Not only that, Apex’s popularity captured the attention of already popular streamers like NICKMERCS and Tfue.

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Apex Legends Streamers are Playing other Games More

Since Just when everything seemed to be going well for Apex Legends and its future, things began to change. In Season 15, Apex Legends has seen the most underwhelming seasonal performance of all time.

The player count has dropped significantly compared to last season. Not only that, this season, Apex’s Twitch viewership reached its lowest point in the last two years.

Apex’s most popular streamer, Aceu, whose popularity grew mainly because of Apex Legends, only played the game for about 15 hours in the last month.

On the other hand, iiTzTimmy, who is also Apex’s one of biggest Twitch streamers, streamed the game twice on Twitch in December 2022, and he has good reasons.

“When this map (Broken Moon) came out, I was excited, and then we played a little bit longer, and the queues were dead for ranked and pubs. And I was just like,… I’m not gonna play if I can’t even get into a game”, iiTzTimmy said.

Even NICKMERCS, who came to Apex Legends out of nowhere and stole the limelight for more than a year, has now switched to Warzone 2.0. “He (Nick) is a Warzone main now”, said Gent, Nick’s teammate from Tripods.

Similarly, Daltoosh, who was the 8th biggest Apex Legends Twitch streamer of 2022, also decided to switch to competitive Call of Duty commentary.

Apart from professional Apex Legends players like ImperialHal, and SweetDreams, there aren’t many big content creators who regularly stream Apex Legends other than ShivFPS, Faidee, and Taxi2g.

Streamers, content creators, and pro players are huge parts of a community who new people into the game and maintains its player base intact. However, with most big streamers leaving the game and new games like Warzone 2.0 and Overwatch 2 being introduced, the future of Apex Legends stays uncertain.

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