Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event: Seer Heirloom, Control LTM Returning, New Skins, Release Date, & More

EA has officially revealed the Spellbound Collection Event for Season 15. It looks like some exciting content is awaiting players this time.

Season 15: Eclipse will feature two Collection Events. The first one, Wintertide, has already ended, bringing Wraith’s most awaited Prestige skin into the game. The next Collection Event will take place on January 10, 2023.

Previously, it was named “Magic Witch” as a placeholder. However, the actual name of this Collection Event is, Spellbound, as announced by EA. Players are excited as Seer’s Heirloom will be featured in the same event.

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Spellbound Collection Event

Control LTM Returning

Everyone’s favorite LTM mode Control is returning again in the Spellbound Collection Event. Control will be available to play at:

  • Storm Point: Barometer
  • World’s Edge: Lava Siphon
  • Olympus: Hammond Labs

Spellbound Collection Event Skins

There’ll be 24 collectible cosmetic items in the Spellbound Collection Event. You can buy any of these skins using Apex Coins or Crafting Materials, or try your luck with the Spellbound Apex Packs. If you unlock all 24 skins, you can get your hands on Seer’s Heirloom, the “Showstoppers.”

Credit: EA

Seer’s “Showstoppers” Heirloom

Seer mains are finally getting their hands on the long-awaited Sickle Heirloom or “Showstoppers.” As mentioned earlier, you can collect “Showstoppers” by collecting all 24 items from the Spellbound Collection Event.

However, you can also wait until the event is over. After that, the Seer Heirloom will be available in the Mythic shop along with other Heirlooms, and you can purchase it with Heirloom Shards.

Credit: EA

Spellbound Free Rewards: Reward Tracker

If you don’t want to spend any money buying skins from the Collection Event, don’t worry! Spellbound Event will feature many free rewards for the players. You can earn points and get these free rewards by tracking your progression throughout the three weeks of the Spellbound Collection Event.

You can earn up to 1,600 points per day and challenges refresh daily. All these challenges also stack with your Battle Pass so you can complete multiple challenges at once.

Credit: EA

Spellbound Collection Event Store

Explore limited-time offers in the Store tab including “Cryptic Conjurer” and “Mischief Mage” bundles and don’t miss out on other offers like the “Silent Assassin” bundle (only available January 13th to 17th) or the “Sterling Prism” bundle (only available January 20th to 24th).

Week 1 (January 10 – January 17)

Credit: EA

Week 2 (January 17 – January 24)

Credit: EA

Control Game Mode Updates

  • Join In Progress extended further into match ( Matchmaking will try to fill empty player slots until 1 team has a score of 625 or there is a score difference of 300 between the teams)
  • Players that join a match in progress get some helpful boosts for their first spawn:
    • Skip the first spawn wave
    • Spawn with Purple Armor and Helmet
    • Get a full Ratings Tier ( Purple Weapons and an Ultimate Charge)
  • Added new end-of-match XP reward to Control (150 XP for completing a match).
  • If a team is losing by a score of 62 or more, they skip spawn waves.
  • Added Distance Indicator on the MRB in-world Icon.
  • Added Time Remaining Indicator on the MRB spawn point Map Icon.
  • Display a hint message when MRB placement is not possible explaining why placement is failing (too close to friendly or enemy Home Base, too close to a Zone).
  • Bloodhound clues clean up after 30 secs instead of 90 secs.
  • Clean up Bloodhound clues when the player that left them behind dies (except for the player death clue).
  • Some more spawn tuning to further try to prevent players from spawning close to enemies.
  • Set the Inventory Tab as the default ( instead of Scoreboard ) when accessing menus during gameplay.
  • Updates to Loadouts in the Loadout Selection Menu based on Weapon Meta Changes
  • Bug and Crash Fixes

Create Private Matches

Want to host your own tournaments? Private matches are now available for all players. Get ready to generate your own tournament codes and host custom private matches.

Squad up with your friends and give it a try! More info to come via our FAQs closer to the next patch.

Spellbound Collection Event Release Date

The Spellbound Collection Event will go live on January 10, 2023. To find out the exact release time across different time zones, click this link.

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