Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event: Release Date Across Different Time Zones

The Spellbound Collection Event will be the first Collection Event of Apex Legends in 2023. Let’s find out the exact release time so you can get into playing Apex Legends as soon as possible.

Season 15: Eclipse will feature two Collection Events. The first one, called Wintertide, has already ended, bringing Wraith’s most awaited Prestige skin into the game. The next Collection Event will take place on January 10, 2023.

Previously, it was named “Magic Witch” as a placeholder. However, the actual name of this Collection Event is, Spellbound, as announced by EA. Players are excited as Seer’s Heirloom will be featured in the same event.

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Spellbound Collection Event Release Time

Players are eagerly waiting for the Collection Event to go live on January 10, 2023. Respawn always release big updates at the same time throughout the world. So, let’s see when the Spellbound Collection Event will go live across different time zones:

DateTime ZoneTime
January 10PDT10:00 am
January 10EDL01:00 pm
January 10GMT05:00 pm
January 10CET07:00 pm

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Understandably, players are excited and afraid of all the launch day server issues that have become synonymous with new Apex updates at this point. Hopefully, Respawn took enough precautions for a smooth launch of the new Collection Event.

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