Respawn Might have Teased a Potential Pathfinder Buff with the Broken Moon Test Stream in Apex Legends

A YouTuber named bobz found an interesting Pathfinder buff that was teased by Respawn in the Broken Moon test stream.

More than two months have passed since Apex Legends Season 15 got launched. Unlike previous seasons, not much content was released. Moreover, no legend-related were made, which was quite unexpected given that Respawn typically tweaks the legends before releasing a new season.

As a result, Season 15’s outcome left the Apex Legends community feeling very disappointed. So it only makes sense that everyone is eagerly anticipating Season 16. And it appears that Respawn has a ton of exciting surprises planned for the community for the upcoming season.

From all the surprises yet to come, we’ve already been given a sneak preview of the following Legend called Ballistic. In addition, a complete overhaul of the Legend class is supposedly in development, along with new Assault and Support class perks and a new type of Supply bin. And just now, a YouTuber discovered a possible Pathfinder change that may also be included in Season 16.

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Potential Pathfinder Buff Teased in a Dev Stream

The devs revealed some of the future features for Apex Legends Season 16 while introducing the Broken Moon map. Many players previously noticed Pathfinder’s new Zipline UI addition among all the changes.

However, an Apex Legends content creator named bobz observed a change with Pathfinder that looks more optimistic for the Pathfinder mains. bobz noticed that in the dev stream, Pathfinder could travel with their Zipline much faster than regular speed.

However, it only seems to be working with Pathfinder’s Zipline. Other Ziplines don’t allow Pathfinder to travel at the same speed. So, it only appears to be a Pathfinder’s Ultimate buff rather than a reworked Passive.

Nonetheless, Respawn usually fine-tunes the abilities and features before they can make it to the final release. So, whether Pathfinder’s buff will actually happen can’t be said for certain.

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