Noko Uncovers How Apex Legends Predator Rank is Filled with a “Bunch of Kill Farmers and Cheaters”

Noko finds himself baffled after figuring out how many Predators in the Apex Legends rank leaderboard gain extraordinary amounts of RPs by kill-farming and cheating.

Nokokopuffs, commonly known as Noko, is a popular content creator and streamer in the Apex Legends community. However, he is not just your ordinary entertainer but also a die-hard Apex Legends fan who likes to grind rank and hopes to get to the top.

Climbing the Apex Legends rank ladder is already hard enough, as it is contested by tons of pro players and streamers. On top of that, Noko just found out that apart from pro players and streamers, the cheaters and kill farmers also occupy a big portion of Predator ranks.

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Noko Uncovers the Truth Behind Many Predators’ RP Gains

On Noko’s January 9’s Twitch stream, he went to apexlegendsstatus to check on the live Apex Legends rank leaderboard. And after browsing through the leaderboard, he found some surprising facts about the “crazy RP gains” of many unknown Preds.

After investigating more, Noko found that many of these Apex Predators have either constant wins with no losses or insane RP gains that are legitimately unattainable, considering how hard it is to gain RP in higher Pred rank.

Not only that, some of the Predators, Noko pointed out, had around 1000 RPs in almost all matches. It ultimately forced Noko to say, “that’s all that Pred is. It’s just a bunch of kill farmers and cheaters.”

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