ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs Legend Pick Rate: Most and Least Picked Legends

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Curious to find out which Legends were most and least picked in the ALGS 2023 Spit 2 Playoffs? We’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends Global Series, or ALGS, is Apex’s biggest official tournament hosted by EA. After two successful years, ALGS is running its third consecutive event of 7 Million USD.

The ALGS tournament usually runs throughout the year. The event is also divided into different stages, where teams from all over the world participate. These teams then go through never-ending battles and hurdles through these stages to reach the ultimate ALGS championship stage.

Before the championship, two more big LAN events are held to determine how many teams will go to the ALGS Championship. The second ALGS Playoffs of this year just ended recently, and the teams from all over the world fought valiantly. They tried their absolute best and picked the best team composition to win the tournament. However, only one team, DarkZero, secured first place and won the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs.

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ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs Legends Pick Rate

Legend selection is an integral part of Apex Legends. As hero-shooter FPS titles rely heavily on character selection, choosing the right characters in a team can change the tide of a match.

As a result, teams spend tons of time on ranked matches, scrims, and Firing Range to find the best character to play with. Moreover, meta also plays a big role while selecting a Legend.

Similarly, the teams in ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs picked the best Legends to gain equal advantages over the others. So, without further ado, let’s see who the most and least-picked Legends were in the ALGS 2023 Split 2 Playoffs.

Rank Individual LegendPick rate %Total
1   Seer61.42%737
2   Bangalore54.92%659
3   Horizon48.5%582
4   Catalyst43.58%523
5   Valkyrie20.75%249
6   Crypto15.25%183
7   Wattson13.92%167
8   Caustic7.83%94
9   Rampart7.83%94
10   Loba7.33%88
11   Newcastle6.92%83
12   Bloodhound4.33%52
13   Gibraltar3%36
14   Fuse1.92%23
15   Wraith1.33%16
16   Mad Maggie0.33%4
17   Pathfinder0.33%4
18   Lifeline0.17%2
19   Octane0.08%1
20   Revenant0.08%1
21   Vantage0.08%1
23   Ballistic0.08%1
data via apexlegendsstatus

Seer remains the most picked Legend of the tournament with a 61.42% total pick rate, followed by Bangalore, Horizon, and Catalyst, who have 54.92%, 48.5%, and 43.58% pick rates. Valkyrie, who was once a prevalent Legend, was picked by 20.75% of the teams in the tournament.

Most teams who didn’t prefer the Seer meta went for the Crypto pick for easier access to the Survey Beacons and armor farming. As a result, Crypto has a 15.25% pick rate in the whole tournament.

On the other hand, Wattson, Caustic, and Rampart, with 13.92%, 7.83%, and 7.83% pick rates, were the Catalyst alternative Controller character in the tournament.

Following them, there are some Support characters like Loba and Newcastle with 7.33%, and 6.92%, pick-rate. Due to the meta shift, a huge change can be seen with Bloodhound and Gibraltar’s pick-rate with a mere 4.33% and 3% pick-rates.

Apart from Horizon and Bangalore, the other Skirmisher and Assault characters didn’t do very well in the tournament. Characters like Fuse, Wraith, Mad Maggie, Pathfinder, Octane, Revenant, Vantage, and Ballistic have a 1.92% to 0.08% pick rate. Unfortunately, Ash remains the only character with 0 picks in the entire tournament.

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