Apex Legends Global Series Championship Twitch Drops: How To Get Free Rewards

ALGS 2022 Championship is going to happen pretty soon. To celebrate ALGS, Twitch will give away free rewards to their players watching the finals.

ALGS Championship Finals is the biggest esports event in Apex Legends. Players are always excited to see their favorite teams battle it out for the ALGS Champion title in big arenas. To celebrate the ALGS championship, EA also features many purchasable cosmetic items and some free rewards.

This year’s ALGS Championship will be held at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC. The world’s best 20 teams will fight in PNC Arena to win the Championship trophy, and players will be there in the Arena to cheer them.

However, EA will also host the finals on the official PlayApex Twitch channel. So, you can tune in to enjoy the ALGS finals without even being in the Arena and get some exciting drops. This year, Twitch has some exciting drops waiting for its players.

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How To Get Free ALGS Twitch Rewards

You’re good to go if you previously set up your account during the Winter Circuit Playoffs. However, if you haven’t done this before. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Make sure your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online Account, or PSN ID is linked to your EA Account
  2.  Go to Twitch and sign in or create an account
  3. Enter your EA Account info on the Connect with Twitch screen and click Next.
  4. Tune in to PlayApex Twitch on ALGS Finals
  5. The Twitch Drop will be there within 24 hours

ALGS Twitch Rewards

Keep in mind that you need to watch the streams for a specific period of time to get the rewards. For a specific amount of time, you’ll get particular rewards.

Here’s a list of the Rewards and stream watching duration to unlock the Rewards:

  • The Rare ‘Copperhead’ Alternator skin will be awarded after watching one hour of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Ocean Spear’ Bangalore skin will be awarded after watching two hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Let’s Goooooo!’ Holospray will be awarded after watching three hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Epic ‘You Are The Champion’ Gun Charm will be awarded after watching four hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.

When is The ALGS Championship Finals?

The ALGS Championship Finals will take place on July 10. So tune in to PlayApex Twitch on those days and watch for a specific amount of time or more to get free rewards from Twitch.

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