ALGS Team Shop 2022: Skin Bundles, Price, Release Date, and More

ALGS is going to take place very soon and to celebrate it, EA has once again brought some exciting team-based cosmetic items to the Apex Legends Store.

ALGS is the biggest esports event in Apex Legends. Players are always excited to see their favorite teams battle it out to win the ALGS Championship in big arenas. To celebrate the ALGS championship, EA started featuring team-related cosmetic items from 2021.

This year is not going to be any different from the past. EA has once again brought some team-specific cosmetic items into the ALGS Team Shop to celebrate the upcoming ALGS Championship. The store currently features some popular teams’ Epic Banner Frames along with Weapon and Legend skins.

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Skin Bundles

The ALGS Team Shop is currently featuring TSM, 100 Thieves, Crazy Raccoon, Cloud9, and NRG Epic banner frames. The Shop is also featuring specific Legends and Cosmetic items along with the team-branded Banner Frames.

This rotation will stay for one week. The next rotation will take place just after a week. And, the next rotation will include NaVi, Complexity, Team Liquid, G2, and Alliance Bundles.

The Bundles Include:

July 5th – 12th (Week 1)

  • TSM Bundle: TSM Banner Frame, Clocktrain Octane, Bronze Age R-301
  • 100 Thieves Bundle: 100T Banner Frame, The Burgundy Knight Pathfinder, Rune Breaker Havoc
  • Crazy Raccoon Bundle: CR Banner Frame, Dangerous Game Bloodhound, Lethal Injection G7 Scout
  • Cloud9 Bundle: Cloud9 Banner Frame, Snake Charmer Mirage, Dangerous Game R-99
  • NRG Bundle: NRG Baner Frame, Gold Standard Rampart, Dragon Chaser Rampage

July 12th – 19th (Week 2):

  • NaVi Bundle: NaVi Banner Frame, Judge Jury Lifeline, Copperhead EVA-8
  • Complexity Bundle: COL Banner Frame, Pearly White Fuse, Golden Arrow Hemlok
  • Team Liquid Bundle: TL Banner Frame, Nerves of Steel Bangalore, Nightcore Sentinel
  • G2 Bundle: G2 Banner Frame, Blazin’ Hot Gibraltar, Entry Lane Longbo
  • Alliance Bundle: Alliance Banner Frame, Seeker of Knowledge Crypto, Crimson King Wingman
ALGS Bundles
Credit EA


The individual Banner Frames cost 500 Apex Coins, and each bundle costs 2150 Apex Coins. So, if you are willing to get all 10 bundles, you will have to spend 21500 Apex Coins.

Release Date

The ALGS Team Shop is ongoing under the Featured section on Apex Store. The Shop will be live for two weeks while the ALGS Championship takes place. The Shop will run from July 5, 2022, to July 19, 2022. So, grab your favorite teams’ bundles before they disappear from the Shop.

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