Best Loba Skins in Apex Legends 2022: All Skins Ranked from Worst to Best

Here we will talk about all the best Loba skins that Respawn has released in Apex Legends so far in 2022.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn has introduced a considerable number of characters into the game. In season 12, we have seen 20 Legends being released into Apex Legends, all with their own abilities and unique features.

In Apex Legends, the characters are divided into four categories: offensive, defensive, recon, and support. Except for the support categories, all other classes have a variety of legends choices. As for now, Lifeline and Loba are the only two Support characters in the game.

After Revenant killed Loba’s parents, she became an orphan and was sent to the foster system. Consumed by vengeance, when she found out that Revenant joined the Apex Game, she discovered a way into the facility under the King’s Canyon to kill her sworn enemy, Revenant. The attempt was a failure, but after that, she joined the Apex Game to finish what she had started.

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Her abilities have made her one of the best-supporting characters in the Apex Legends. Loba’s Ultimate Black Market and Passive Eye For Quality can help her and her teammates to find the best loots in the vicinity. Moreover, her Tactical lets her escape from some difficult and tricky situations.

Though not everyone mains Loba, she is one of the most fan-favorite legends in the game. Since her launch, Respawn has released a good amount of legendary skins for this fan-favorite character.

How Many Loba Skins are there in Apex Legends?

Up until season 12 of Apex Legends, Respawn has released 62 legendary skins for Loba so far. Among them, there are 14 legendary, 11 Epic, 21 Rare, and 16 Common skins for Loba.

Best Loba Skins in Apex Legends (A Complete Tier List)

Here we’ll rank all the Loba skins that Respawn has released so far in the game. Fundamentally, we’ll put all the skins into three distinct tiers: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

The S-Tier skins are the best of the best skins for Loba, followed closely by the A-Tier skins that are toe-to-toe with the S-Tier counterparts. However, compared to the S-Tier and A-Tier skins, the B-Tier skins seem very ordinary even though they are legendary cosmetics.

We have ranked these Loba skins based on their looks, rarity, and popularity. Like any other Tier list, this one is also purely subjective, and any of the mentioned skins can be put anywhere on the list below. This list is intended chiefly to assist novices and veteran players looking for some of the best-looking legendary Loba skins in the game.

  • S-Tier: Self Reflection, Petty theft, Haute Hoplite
  • A-Tier: Plummed Explorer, Breaking the Law, Bootlegger,
  • B-Tier: Off the Record, Purple Reign, Tigress, Arms Dealer, Boot Camp

Top 10 Best Loba skins in Apex Legends

As we mentioned earlier, Since season 5, Respawn has released a pretty diverse collection of legendary Loba skins. Now, we are going to highlight ten of the best ones. Some of these skins stand out more than their counterparts, mainly due to their unique design or a really dope-looking colorway.

10. Boot Camp

Boot Camp
Image Credit: EA

Boot Camp is the latest released skin for Loba, debuted in Warriors Collection Event in season 12. In this skin, she looks like a character from action RPG games on an adventure to upgrade her armors to the next level.

9. Arms Dealer

Arms Dealer
Image Credit: EA

Arms dealer skin was introduced in the Loba Edition bundle. Loba’s ultimate is called Black Market, So this skin really makes sense how she gets those different kinds of weapons and ammunition in the game.

8. Tigress

Image Credit: EA

After Loba’s parents were killed, she struggled her way through the top, and in the process, she became a fearless lady. So, the Tigress skin represents how bold Loba is. This skin is a recolor of Purple Reign’s default legendary skin. The recolor was available in the store in August 2021 and April 2022.

7. Off the Record

Off the Record
Image Credit: EA

Off the Record is distinct-looking default legendary skin for Loba. The black dress, red-dyed unique hairstyle, and small swords on her back make her look like a perfect assassin ready to kill any enemy on the battleground.

6. Bootlegger

Image Credit: EA

Bootlegger is also a legendary default skin for Loba. The luxurious blend of bright colors and intense stripes give this ringmaster-inspired cosmetic a look that screams the greatest show ever seen!

5. Breaking the Law

Breaking the Law
Image Credit: EA

Breaking the Law was a part of the season 12 battle pass. The short Brando leather jacket with spikes on the shoulder and a skull on the back surely make her look like a leader of a motorcycle gang who is ready to break any law of the outlands.

4. Plumed Explorer

Plumed Explorer
Image Credit: EA

Plummed explorer was released in the Raiders Collection Event in season 11 of Apex Legends. It has a vibrant colored combination, with red and golden being the primary colors. This pirate-themed skin suits Loba because she can raid your loots anytime with her Black Market.

3. Haute Hoplite

Haute Hoplite
Image Credit: EA

Haute Hoplite was a part of the Chaos Theory Collection Event in season 8. As the name suggests, Haute Hoplite is a fashionable infantry from ancient Greece. The unique-looking helmet, gold armor plate all over the body, and vibrant green color mixture make it one of the most gorgeous-looking skins for Loba in the game.

2. Petty Theft

Petty Theft
Image Credit: EA

Respawn introduced Petty Theft skin for Loba in the Genesis Collection Event in Season 9 of Apex Legends. The skin does not have anything flashy to it, but it has a very sneaky vibe with a dark color combination. The outfit actually makes quite a lot of sense as, throughout Loba’s career, she established herself as a skilled thief, so it would make her stay out of the vision of others.

1. Self Reflection

Self Reflection
Image Credit: EA

Loba is a gorgeous and fashion-sensitive woman that every fan admires. She loves to stand out from the crowd. The Self Reflection is the perfect representation of Loba’s persona. The mirror jacket, shiny pants, and every bit of the skin make her look like a show of the century. Self Reflection was first seen in the Fight Night Collection Event in season 7.

Will past event-related Loba skins ever return?

The event and recolor skins may ultimately make their way to the store, and skins like Self Reflection, Tigress, and Haute Hoplite may still be available. Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific skin package in the future. So, you may still be able to get your hands on Breaking the Law skin in the future.

Upcoming Loba Skins

As of writing, there has been no new development regarding any new Loba skins in the game. We’ll definitely highlight more Loba skins as soon as they get announced.

In the meantime, follow our Apex Legends Twitter page to get new skin-related updates instantly.

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