10 Best Mirage Skins of Apex Legends in 2024

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Credit: EA

Be the life of the party and look the part as well with our list of the best skins for Mirage.

Respawn broke new ground in the battle royale gaming industry with the launch of Apex Legends. This dark horse surprised everyone by showing how many features and tricks it was hiding up its sleeve inside the game.

The game was initially released with 8 Legends. Mirage was among the first characters to arrive in Apex. Though at first, Mirage wasn’t a very popular choice among players, through some tweaks and buffs, he has now become one of the most enjoyable Legends to play in the game.

His personality made him one of the funniest characters in the game, if not the funniest, and almost everyone inside or outside the game has a soft corner for this legend. He has been in the game for a long time. Because of this, Respawn has added so many beautiful and funny skins for Mirage to the game.

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The Mirage Skins tier list was last updated after Season 19, Ignite

How Many Mirage Skins are there in Apex Legends?

Right now in season 19 of Apex Legends, Respawn has released 85 Mirage skins so far. Among them, there are 28 legendary, 14 Epic, 27 Rare, and 16 Common Mirage skins.

Our 10 Favorite Mirage Skin Picks

There are a bunch of Bloodhound skins to pick from. However, not all skins are created equal. Some of the skins may not be suitable since they are too plain or too outrageous. So, after hours and hours of going through all of the Bloodhound skins, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten favorites, which we know many of you would agree with. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Boogie Down

Boogie Down
Credit: EA
Release DateJanuary 5, 2021
Available viaFight Night Collection

Boogie Down is a very funky skin for Mirage that is inspired by Westley from Princess Bride. The eye patch, the mustache, and the haircut also confirm the skin’s origin. We love the flashy color scheme of the skin. The gold and yellow tint looks amazing for our favorite trickster. The skin was originally released in the Fight Night Collection Event in Season 7.

9. Red Carpet

Red Carpet
Credit: EA
Release DateFebruary 9, 2021
Available via2nd Anniversary Collection
AlternativesMade Made Man

Red Carpet is a recolored version of Man Made Man that was originally released in the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event. This skin turns Mirage into a cybernetic killing machine or a cyber jokester, depending on how you use him. Only a part of his face remains human. The rest is a mix of genius and machinery.

8. Lit Witt

Lit Witt
Credit: EA
Release DateFebruary 15, 2022
Available via3rd Anniversary Collection

Lit Witt is a funky-looking hip-hop-style costume for Mirage. Being a bit different is what sets Mirage apart. This skin is no different as he wears a really obnoxious jacket and even a fanny pack to go with it! We just love how Mirage isn’t afraid to enjoy life a little.

7. Sub-Mirage

Release DateMarch 28, 2023
Available viaSun Squad Collection

Take yourself on a vacation with this scuba-diving Mirage getup. Mirage is suited up to enjoy the waves on a summer beach getaway and bamboozle some fish along the way. Just make sure to patch yourself up if you cut yourself on any rocks.

6. The Wisecracker

The Wisecracker
Credit: EA
Release DateDecember 12, 2019
Available viaHolo-Day Bash 2019

Mirage is dressed as a train conductor in The Wisecracker, a Christmas-themed cosmetic. He is the wisest guy in the room, at least according to him. The outfit is an obvious reference to a festive nutcracker, bringing good luck to everyone who adorns this precious outfit.

5. Mischief Sage

Mischief Sage
Credit: EA
Release DateJanuary 10, 2023
Available viaSpellbound Collection

Mischief Sage is the newest addition to Mirage’s Legendary skin collection, released in the Spellbound Collection Event. This gorgeous skin sees Mirage’s signature Holo Emitters adorned with gold and emit some sort of magical aura. The beautiful cyan color scheme is also a nice touch, with the golden accents all over.

4. Captain Bamboozle

Captain Bamboozle
Credit: EA
Release DateAugust 13, 2019
Available viaIron Crown Collection

Captain Bamboozle is a pirate-themed skin for Mirage that was released in the Iron Crown Event in Season 2. Mirage is a Legend who likes to conquer everything for money and fame. So it is not a surprise that he wants to conquer the ocean as well. The skins seem to be inspired by the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. Perhaps you have heard of him?

3. Marked Man

Marked Man
Credit: EA
Release DateJuly 19, 2022
Available viaGaiden Themed Event

Marked Man is a popular favorite among anime fans, particularly those who like Boku no Hero Academia and recognize Izuku Midoriya as the inspiration for this skin. The skin is a recreation of the character, and it does a really good job. No question why we rate this skin so highly!

2. Red Alert

Red Alert
Credit: EA
Release DateNovember 22, 2022
Available viaBlack Friday Sale 2022
AlternativesNight Crawler

Although Red Alert is a recolor version of an already existing Mirage skin called Night Crawler, the red and black combination of colors makes this better than the original one. The mask is particularly eye-catching as it resembles a skull, giving a deadly assassin vibe to our favorite troublemaker. Kind of fitting, as he is the master of deception.

1. The Show Stopper

The Show Stopper
Credit: EA
Release DateMay 22, 2021
Available viaMirage Edition Bundle

Mirage has some cowboy-themed skins in Apex Legends. This skin also features a cowboy outfit, but there is a catch. Do you dare to fight the holographic trickster at his own game? The cowboy looks stylish and deadly, with a lot of bullets in his greaves, gauntlets, waist, and wherever he could fit them.

Will Past Event-related Mirage Skins Ever Return?

The event and recolor skins may ultimately make their way to the store, and skins like Lit Witt, Folk Hero, and The Wisecracker may still be available. But Mirage Skins such as Fool’s Gold from the battle pass will not be available in the Apex Legend store. However, Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific skin package in the future.

Upcoming Mirage Skins

As of writing, there has been no new development regarding any new Mirage skins in the game. We’ll definitely highlight more Mirage skins as soon as they get announced.

In the meantime, follow our Apex Legends Twitter page to get new skin-related updates instantly.

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