Apex Legends LTM “Fight Night” release date across all the different time zones

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shrugtal/ Respawn

Respawn accidentally revealed information surrounding their new LTM game mode called “Fight Night” on two separate occasions this month.

At first, Respawn’s official Twitter account mistakenly revealed a gameplay trailer featuring a new boxing game mode featuring Pathfinder. Which was quickly taken down by Respawn. Following this, Respawn also published a blog describing what players can expect from the new limited-time event.

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That was also quickly taken down by Respawn. However, the page is still available but the content is not. Respawn claims they will reveal everything soon when it’s showtime.

Fight Night release date different time zones

According to the official blog, this new Stories from the Outlands trailer should arrive on 29th December. However, the exact release date of the actual event is yet to be announced by Respawn.


Respawn has officially revealed the launch date for the Fight Night collection event. The new event should arrive on 5th January(PST), 6th January(GMT), 6th January(GMT+1) respectively.

Consequently, this new limited-time event should also arrive at the same time alongside a possible balancing update. Since previous mid-season updates have introduced some major buffs and nerfs, there is a good possibility that developers at Respawn might try to throw in some curb ball.

The exact details of the LTM “Fight Night” is still uncertain as of writing. The general consensus among the player base and leakers alike is that this new event might introduce a new heirloom.

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We will update you with all the time zone related details as soon as Respawn confirms the official release date of this new event.

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