Apex Legends: some high-level accounts to get permabanned following boosting allegations

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

The official security department of Apex Legends or more commonly known as Hideouts just revealed that some really top-level accounts are about to receive permanent bans.

Every popular multiplayer game that has some sort of ranking component always has been a subject of a phenomenon called “Boosting”. Boosting refers to using illegal means to artificially inflating the competitive rank of a player.

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Currently, there are multiple online services that provide players the opportunity to boost their accounts. Furthermore, some of these services straight up use Ads to attract more players for their services.

In Apex Legends, boosting has been a massive headache for Respawn alongside the cheaters and other exploit users. In the past, Respawn has really targeted unethical practices such as aimbots, dashboards, and map exploits. But seems like this time boosters are getting targeted by Respawn.

Boosters to receive permanent bans

Respawn Hideouts is known to fight cheaters and other exploiters in Apex Legends on a daily basis. And he just announced some high-level accounts are about to get permabanned.

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According to Conor, in the current split, there were too many players who were apparently using boosting services. Consequently, they are about to face the consequences of their actions. Maybe next time don’t use third-party services to boost your stats in an online video game.

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